YEEZY GAP hoodie: release date, price, where to buy


After a handful of previous releases and another countdown to the GAP website, the next YEEZY GAP collaboration is finally out.

So far we’ve seen the Round Jacket come out in a handful of colorways, including blue, black, and red (also worn by Kanye throughout his DONDA listening tour), with a selection of tracks that are rumored to be still on the way.

Apparently the jacket was a huge blow for GAP, enticing new, younger customers to purchase the $ 200 coin.

GAP has now released the hoodies, which originally reportedly ditched social media. The piece arrives in a total of six colorways, all falling at the same time, which is a new take on YEEZY x GAP as all previous versions have featured only one item.

The 100% double-layered cotton garment is available in six colors: black, brown, purple, blue, red and mustard. It’s also priced at US $ 90 for adults and $ 70 for children.

Kanye is rumored to have worn the prototype hoodie on several occasions, showing off the voluminous hood and the short, loose body.

Already, YEEZY GAP hoodies are receiving mixed reactions from fans, who are unhappy with the price as the collection was meant to be affordable and accessible to everyone. Yet compared to the YEEZY SEASON hoodies – which sold for almost $ 400 – $ 90 is practically a bargain.

Nonetheless, if that’s too high, perhaps consider a main GAP hoodie, which has garnered increased attention according to CEO of GAP Sonia Syngal.

“Our classic Gap hoodie has a moment, so much so that we’ve re-released it in a vintage brown for pre-order delivery this fall,” she said on a call for results this summer.

If you’re looking to get your hands on one, make sure you head to the GAP website before they’re all sold, although they don’t ship for “two to eight weeks,” GAP says. The website is already bending under the weight of the traffic crush.


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