Why Publix has become more popular



One of the most popular items at the deli – really at Publix in general – are the store’s sub sandwiches, or, as they’re affectionately called, “Pub Subs.” According to Southern Living, these bespoke subs let you choose your own kind of fresh-baked bread, meat, cheese, veg and sauce. Options include cheese bread, a chicken tenderloin base, and toppings like banana peppers and Buffalo sauce. “It’s a real lunchtime adventure story,” the article reads.

You can also choose from an exclusive sandwich menu or opt for a take out option – depending on the location of the store you are visiting, choices may include Boar’s Head’s SmokeMaster Black Forest Ham Sandwich and Chicken Wrap. tender Southwestern Publix Deli. There’s even a creative garlic and herb tofu sub for vegetarians. One Reddit user claims that all the meats behind the deli counter are up for grabs when it comes to creating the sandwich of your dreams, and the employees will slice it for you on the spot.

Still not convinced? There are buyers who love Publix’s tender chicken subs so much that they’ve dedicated a Twitter feed to know when they are on sale. If that doesn’t require you to jump to the Pub Sub line to try one, we don’t know what will.



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