Where does the name “Deviled Egg” come from?


Deviled eggs are thought to have evolved from an ancient Roman appetizer. Enjoy your meal reveals that Rome’s wealthy elite enjoyed a dish of boiled eggs and spicy sauce. In the 13th century, people began using the signature process of separating the yolks and mixing them with spices. In the region of present-day Spain, cooks mixed egg yolks with pepper, onion, cilantro and fermented fish sauce before returning them to the hollow whites. Many medieval cookbooks include recipes for deviled eggs filled with all sorts of things, including raisins, cheese, and sugar. Despite their former popularity, Yahoo! Life reveals that the name “diabolical” did not appear until the late 1700s.

There are many types of foods other than eggs that are considered “devils”. Yahoo! Life lists Devil Crab, Devil Ham, and Devil Chicken as examples. According to Daily meal, devilish food could refer to anything prepared with spicy seasonings. It is assumed that the association comes from the devil being a big fan of heat, but the satanic connection is not for everyone. Yahoo Life! notes that the Puritan population of early America was not a fan of the term (shockingly, we know). Therefore, there are several alternative names for deviled eggs, including “deviled eggs”, “salad eggs”, and “angel eggs”.


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