Weekly Challenge Rewards and New Items in the Item Shop


This week in Halo Infinite, the Tenrai event returns for its 3rd outing with an extremely beautiful weapon skin as a weekly reward.

This week in Infinite Halothe Fracture: Tenrai is back for its third outing, this time from February 1 to February 7, 2022. Returning in November 2021, the first Tenrai event in Infinite caused frustration for many players regarding cosmetic pricing issues, advertised armor unlocks being locked in the store, challenges being too difficult to complete, and a core Halo mode, Fiesta, used as a limited time mode for the Tenrai event. Thankfully, 343 Industries listened to player complaints and addressed whatever frustrated them during the first Tenrai event. The Tenrai Free Event Pass now includes armor previously locked behind an in-store paywall as well as easier challenges to unlock that armor faster.


The Tenrai event still doesn’t have a new or special game mode, unlike last week’s Cyber ​​Showdown event. Event challenges and rewards are still tied to the normal Fiesta game mode and are fairly easy to complete. The event challenges are really just about completing Fiesta matches, earning a double kill in Fiesta, and others. These challenges are much easier than the previously unskippable “get 10 kills in Fiesta” events. Players can find specially marked Tenrai Challenges in their Challenge Hub. Each completed challenge will level the event free pass and reward the player with event cosmetics.

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With Halo fans recently rallied to the boycott Halo Infinites Stakes store, 343 I made the decision to move many event-exclusive cosmetic armor unlocks that were previously only available in the store and put them into the free event pass. The free event pass now unlocks 10 levels per event, putting players in fear of missing out. While fans are still asking for the ability to buy certain gear instead of buying it in bundles, it’s still a good change for the store.

Weekly Challenge Rewards and New Item Shop Items in Halo Infinite

Weekly reward for Halo Infinite

Complete this week’s weekly and ultimate challenges in Infinite Halo will reward the player with the Whispered Sky Weapon Skin for all of their weapons. This weapon skin is only available during the Tenrai event and is one of the cleanest free skins in the game.

New store for Halo Infinite Tenrai Event

As for the shop, not much has changed since then. Infinite HaloTenrai’s previous event in January. Most of the items available here have been in the shop during every Tenrai event since November, the only difference is that some parts now cost less or have been transferred to the free event pass as challenge rewards. The Fracture: Tenrai event in Infinite Halo will return 3 more times before Season 2 arrives, so players still have plenty of time to complete passes 30 levels.

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Infinite Halo is available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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