Watch this extremely rare Iso Grifo get his Chevy V8 cleaned with dry ice



The Iso Grifo, one of the few Italian cars with American power, is a rare gem of the 1960s. Only 413 were built (and not all of them survive) and they are not as famous as Ferraris and cars. Lamborghini of the time, but they still win beauty pageants 50 years after they left the factory.

This metallic gray Grifo is one of those competition-winning classics. And while that sounds fantastic for a car built over four decades ago, it has undergone an intricate cleaning and refinishing process. Just in case it needs to be paraded again at a National Classic Car Reunion. And the good news is, we can see how it goes thanks to YouTube’s “I AM Detailing”.

Although it appears to be in perfect condition from afar, the Grifo has a somewhat dirty engine. Something normal for a moving vehicle. But even though the engine bay is cleaner than your average daily driver, it benefits from dry ice blasting for a perfect, sparkling finish. I’m pretty sure this V8 hasn’t looked so clean since the day it left the factory.

With the little Chevy block clean as a whistle, the guys at the shop make some paint fixes. Say what? The metallic gray paint looks immaculate, doesn’t it? Well, let’s say competition juries are picky, so the fine scratches and little chips have to go.

A few hours of polishing, wiping, wet sanding and buffing later and the Iso Grifo is ready for the finishing touches. In this case, a ceramic coating layer. The end result is absolutely breathtaking and an example of what a rare and expensive classic car should look like.

So what makes the Iso Grifo such a sought-after classic? Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and engineered by Giotto Bizzarrini, the Grifo combines some of the best things the 1960s had to offer: Italian style and luxury with high-performance American engines.

The Grifo was originally powered by a 327 cubic inch (5.4 liter) Chevrolet V8 engine, but Iso added a larger 427 cubic inch (7.0 liter) big block later in the life of the Grifo. the car. Only 90 of the 413 Grifos in total were equipped with the latter.

Speaking of rarity, this specific Grifo is part of the Series II lineup, of which only 23 have been built. It doesn’t get any rarer than that, unless you go for a Grifo Targa, built in just 14 units. But you can learn more about this exceptional classic with our comprehensive coverage.



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