Valley business owner takes 12-year-old entrepreneur under his wing


PHOENIX – There’s a special connection forming inside Bob Moses Ceramic Coating in North Phoenix.

The unexpected mentorship between Matt Moses and 12-year-old Zane Jones began with an email.

“When the email came from him, I read it and was immediately floored,” Moses said.

Moses, who owns the retail shop along with nine other locations, says Zane has expressed interest in learning the business.

“There are a lot of people running businesses who would just say oh I don’t have time for this,” said Zane, who is a car fanatic.

Moses, however, did the exact opposite.

He invited Zane into the shop where he shadowed the staff at every shift and took a crash course in ceramic coating and detailing techniques.

“I learned a lot about how to treat customers well and how, if I ever want to start a business, they taught me all the behind-the-scenes of a business,” Zane said. “The people are what stood out the most. The employees were so amazing and you could tell how well they worked as a team.

His training included budgeting, financing and purchasing supplies.

It also gave him the opportunity to hone his detail techniques with hands-on instruction. Moses confessed that Zane’s visit had a profound effect on him.

“Seeing him opened my eyes to something really special, and I think we as business owners have a responsibility to influence young people,” Moses said. “It gave me so much hope to see someone so young and ambitious.”

So he decided to be Zane’s first investor and gave him $300 to get him started.

Zane shared the news Monday, how his company’s name honors Moses and his incredible team.

“It’s called 802 Auto Detailing and the reason it’s called 802 is because I walked into the store on Aug 2, 8-02 so I decided to name my business after here because it was such an awesome experience,” Zane said.

“Wow, I didn’t know that until today,” Matt said in disbelief.

Matt says it’s an experience he’ll never forget. In fact, it inspired him to consider doing it more often.

What started as a simple email has blossomed into what will most likely be a lifelong friendship and a renewed belief in the power to sustain the dreams of others.


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