Upcycling trend sweeps South Korea’s retail industry


South Korean retailers are reusing old products to turn them into value-added goods.

Among the retailers is Hyundai Department Store Co., which used old advertising and promotional banners it displayed on the store’s exterior walls to recycle bags, which are available on its online shopping portal.

The old banners are washed, dried and coated at high temperature for use as the outer fabric of the bag.

According to Hyundai Department Store, the process has so far reduced by 2.3 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Another retailer involved in recycling is Lotte Chilsung Beverages Co., which creates eco-friendly uniforms from used plastic water bottles that it supplies to some 3,000 of its employees working at 145 local vendors.

It takes 18 plastic bottles to create each uniform.

Lotte Chilsung has used 54,000 plastic bottles so far, saving 707 kilograms of plastic.

The upcycling trend is also sweeping the fashion and beauty industry, with the opening of L: Earth by LF, an exclusive boutique selling bags made with truck covers and other upcycled products. .

Meanwhile, Amorepacific Corp. creates floor coverings and furniture from crushed plastic cosmetic bottles and ultra-high performance concrete.


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