Two contracts approved by DDA for the renovation of the Taylor building


The Coldwater Downtown Development Authority on Tuesday approved two contracts for renovations to 60 W. Chicago St..

In January, Coldwater City Council approved a $350,000 loan from the city to renovate 60 West Chicago St., to house the Branch County Children’s Museum on the first floor.

Before the project moves forward, he must stabilize the old Taylor’s Building. Three companies bid, but only one offered alternatives to solve some important problems.

Zack Mulder, of Mulder Waterproofing and Sealing of Kalamazoo, gave economic aide Audrey Tappenden three options for repair work.

Tappenden reported to the DDA board: “Spotting, removing chipped paint and reapplying proper coatings are urgent priorities. These are visually identifiable and have also been cited by the building department of the city as code violations,” she said.

The job removes code violations as quickly as possible.

Staff recommended the elastomeric coating for a historic facade due to the longevity of the proposed materials and long-term maintenance benefits. It can also stop and prevent further deterioration compared to more superficial pressure washing and repainting.

The tender price offered was $48,950 for surface cleaning, pointing, re-coating, painting, including lower south elevation coating and repair, compared to $26,150 for single pointing , pressure washing and painting.

The materials, according to Mulder, “are a waterproof coating designed for masonry and concrete surfaces. The thick, elastic film coats, hides and protects substrates for long-term durability. They are designed to withstand even the heaviest rain. strong.”

“Elastomeric coatings provide excellent flexibility, durability and weather resistance. Traditional paint will not cover cracks and will have the flexibility to move over existing failures,” Mulder wrote in his report.

County Library Director John Rucker said the offer aligns with the library’s proposed project. The product is designed to last 25 years.

Tappenden said, “That doesn’t mean you’ll never have to repaint the surface plane that’s placed on top of it. But it’s a much faster process. And it is much less labor intensive if you need to replace the coating.

These plastic liners fill cracks and gaps and bond and bind with any necessary repair material prior to installation. They go thicker and heavier.

Payment is only due after completion. Tappenden said DDA needed to approve the contract to go live for work this spring or, more likely, summer.

DDA will take up the proposed lease with the Children’s Museum on March 23. This is the basis for the loan by the city to DDA and must be approved by both. The process gives the DDA several months to execute a loan agreement with the city for financing before the bill is due.

The DDA Board of Directors also approved the bid of $3,995 as a lump sum plus expenses from Intersect Studio of Kalamazoo for construction drawings of the interior of the building.

Economic Development Director Lisa Miller said: ‘These drawings need to be done to get the proper permits and get the final construction quotes.

Intersect architect Bill Laditka said: “The upper floors of the building will not be renovated and will not be used for any purpose. Our analysis and our document will in no way deal with the upper floors.

“There are no mechanical or electrical designs” in the drawings. The board wanted to make sure there were no hidden costs. Miller said she would make sure.

The basement will be reserved for storage and the use of utilities.

The cost of the architect and exterior cladding could come from the reserved fund which currently has $50,000.

Paint is peeling off the bricks on the west side of the wall of Taylor's old building.  South side bricks need to be repointed.

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