This Norpro canning kit is used by seasoned and beginner canners



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If you’re used to storing your own food, you know the horror of an exploding pot or a delicious (but painfully hot) mixture that ends up on the floor and all over you. And whether you are a seasoned canner or this is your first year testing waters, the right tools are essential to avoid (or reduce the risk) of such incidents. For a worry-free experience, canners of all skill levels turn to a special set that can be purchased on Amazon.

The Norpro Canning Essentials set provides you with plenty of handy gadgets, some of whom never thought they needed them, but now are delighted to have them in their kitchen. The brand has been around since 1973 and has had a few decades to hone its craft, which has led to the creation of a kit that has been praised by thousands of critics and 7,000 people giving it a perfect rating.

In the box you will find six separate pieces. To safely remove items from boiling water, the kit contains a magnetic lid lifter to prevent the lids from getting contaminated or causing burns. There is also a set of pliers padded with a vinyl liner to safely remove your sealed jars without breaking. And, to protect sanitized tools from germs and kitchen grime, you can rely on long tongs, which one reviewer says are a must have.

There are also a few components that are useful for getting the details of the jar. An extra-wide mouth funnel prevents the mess that often comes with getting food into your container, and there’s a bubble popper to remove air that takes up space after filling. Finally, you’ll be well-equipped with a jar wrench to tighten the lids, ensuring a seal that won’t budge.

It’s rare to find a canning product suitable for all skill levels, but this kit is. “I acquired this set as a newbie canner, and when it came up I was like, ‘well, a few of these things will probably come in handy,’” began one buyer, who called the items the set of “surprisingly useful and effective tools.” “But as I got through the canning stages, I ended up using each of the items, including the little tweezers, to place the weight of the regulator over the steam vent. The jar lifter. worked well and the bubble [popper’s] the graduated steps helped smooth out the contents of the jar while also helping to get the right headroom. If I had to do it again, I would buy this Norpro set again, without hesitation. “

Even if you are an experienced canner, the half-dozen tools are still a worthwhile investment. “I’m a serious curator and really put these articles to the test,” wrote another reviewer. “I own three of these sets.”

Homemade canned goods, salsas and soups are calling you, you just need this durable canning set to last you all season and for years to come. Buy it now for $ 17.



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