This dessert shop turns heads on Instagram with a flaming hot cheetos cake


B Sweet is owned and run by pastry chef Barb Batiste, who combines her experience cooking desserts for her Filipino family with a penchant for developing innovative handwritten recipes (via the company’s website). The company has over 120,000 Instagram users and offers a fun and highly Instagramable cake menu. The hybrid recipe cake collection includes a Fruity Pebbles cake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cake, Pop-Tart cake and many more (via Instagram).

The Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos cake appears to be one of B Sweet’s latest creations and is already gaining attention. The recent Instagram post showing the new cake received over 2,000 likes and many emoji-filled comments. “I thought I saw it all and bombed it… I was wrong… It looks so delicious,” one fan commented. Another Midwest-based B Sweet follower lamented that the novelty cake was only available in LA: “I wish you all could send this to Minnesota,” they wrote. Others were skeptical, not quite agreeing with the concept of a Cheeto-cake – and many others tagged their friends in the comments, unsure of what to do with the dessert that pushes the envelopes. Whatever they decide, they should decide soon: Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos cake is only available until Sunday!


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