The Plymouth Planetarium is your chance to learn about space


Earlier this year, it was reported that New Bedford High School would work to get its planetarium back into operation in the near future, as it has not been operational for at least 20 years. Some had no idea the high school even had a planetarium.

For most people, their only chance to visit a planetarium is to go to Providence or Boston – but did you know there’s a planetarium nearby in Plymouth?

First, an explanation for those who don’t know what or what a planetarium is. It is basically a domed building in which images of space are projected inside the dome. Visitors sit in seats and gaze up at the dome above their heads to see projections of stars, planets, constellations and more.

It’s a great way to learn about space without needing a telescope.

Colleges and museums may have planetariums, but only a handful of high schools still offer one. The brand new BMC Durfee Secondary School in Fall River has both a planetarium and an observatory, for example.

There is a college, however, where there is not only a planetarium, but it is often open to the public as well as students.

Plymouth Carver Middle School on Long Pond Road is home to the newly renovated Dr. W. Russell Blake Planetarium. The 72-seat planetarium features a state-of-the-art 4K full-dome video system and multi-channel surround sound that it says rivals what you’ll find at the Charles Hayden Planetarium at Boston’s Science Museum.

Plymouth Public Schools New Blake Planetarium Grand Opening on Vimeo.

The Blake Planetarium offers many programs for the community to attend, including its “First Fridays”, where on the first Friday of each month there is a special program that highlights what is in the current night sky. You’ll even learn how to read a star chart and take home your own copy.

Other upcoming programs include “Tracking Flying Objects” and “What Is Out There?” Tickets to these planetarium shows are just $7 per person, which means you can get a night of planetarium entertainment and information for less than you’d spend to go to the movies.

You can get tickets to shows at the Blake Planetarium at PCIS through eventbrite.

The best part about making the trip to Plymouth to learn about space is that you’ll have a nice ride home under the starry SouthCoast skies to apply everything you just learned to what you see. above you.

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