The Oprah-Loved Our Place Always Pan is on sale for $115


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By now, you’ve probably heard of Our Place Always Pan, or at the very least passed it on social media. Heck, you or someone you know probably already owns one. Since its debut, the versatile skillet has become an internet sensation.

People are constantly eager to get their hands on it, and for good reason: the Always Pan works like eight kitchen utensils in one. It sold out over 10 times, and at one point there were over 50,000 people on a waiting list. So it’s a big deal that you can put it on sale right now.

The Our Place skillet is no ordinary kitchen tool. Its brilliant design replaces your frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, frying pan, sauce boat, saucepan, spatula and spoon rest. Made with a sturdy aluminum body that heats up quickly and evenly, it weighs around 3 pounds, so it’s light enough and easy to move around your kitchen. It features a non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating, pour spouts for less mess, and a modular lid that can let steam out.

Oh, and it comes in a range of pretty colors, so you’ll want to leave it sitting on your stovetop. Functional and aesthetically beautiful kitchen utensils? Yes please!

“When they say ANYTHING can be cooked in this pan, they mean it all,” wrote one reviewer, followed by details of the meals they cooked and how it cleans up in one go. “Absolutely replaced my other 15 kitchen utensils for this! What a treat!” Another customer noted that the skillet makes cooking more enjoyable.

TL; DR: If you like to cook but don’t have the Always Pan, you need it. The Our Place Spring Sale ends on Sunday, May 8, but we recommend taking advantage of it well before as the colors are already selling out.


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