The city council approves the demolition of the dilapidated structures; Allocation offers |


The Municipal Council of the Town of Sweetwater, met in regular session on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. in the Municipal Council Chambers of the Town Hall, 200 E. 4th Street, Sweetwater

Pursuant to Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code, the City of Sweetwater reserves the right to consult in camera with its attorney to receive legal advice regarding a matter in which the attorney’s duty to the government agency in under Texas Disciplinary Rules The professional conduct of the Texas State Bar is clearly in conflict with this chapter, to include anything listed on this agenda.

Councilor Peek led the council in invocation and Councilor Baker led the meeting in promises.

City Council approved the minutes of the meeting of June 14, 2022 and the minutes of the special meeting of June 30, 2022 without modification.

Public comments and receipt of petitions: [At  this  time,  anyone  will  be  allowed to  speak  on any matter, other than personnel matters or matters under litigation, for length of time not to exceed three minutes. No Council/Board discussion or action may take place on a matter until such matter has been placed on an agenda and posted in accordance with law -GC, 551.042.] There were no instances of public input, so this agenda item was closed.

The Board approved the Quarterly Investment Report for the quarter ended June 30, 2022.

Insurance proposals for health, dental and life insurance benefits for the 2022-2023 fiscal year have been received by the board and staff will work with the broker of record to assess the proposal and make recommendations during of the August 9 board meeting. No action is required.

City Council has approved the final acceptance and release of holdback funds for the Clearwell Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project.

City Council has awarded bids for Grade 4 Round Rock (62), CRS-2, CRS 2-P and Fog Seal to be used for the FY2022 Street Sealing Project.

City Council has approved a resolution to change the Central Fee Schedule for various fees charged by the Town of Sweetwater. There would be a $50 charge to handle the water flow after hours and on weekends. This is just for the use of the park and the water slide. The resolution was read into the minutes.

Public Hearing and Presentation: To declare structures on described property in the Town of Sweetwater.


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