The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Cooking With Chocolate


Almost all recipes with chocolate call for a pinch of salt. The salt is not a typing error and it does not imply that the dessert is supposed to have a salty flavor. It turns out the salt is added to enhance the flavor of the chocolate! According to The Chocolate Journalist, the relationship between salt and chocolate goes way back to when salt was considered a form of currency in ancient Rome, like cocoa was to the Aztecs.

Today, salt is added to chocolate more for its taste than for its value. According to the site, salt increases our ability to taste the sweet flavor of sugar while adding a nice, salty contrast to the sweetness of chocolate. It can also bring out the flavors of chocolate more. Salt can mask chocolate’s bitterness, balance its flavor, bring its more subtle notes to the fore, and even help chocolate release its delicious aroma (via Art Chocolat).

Since the salt does not melt into the chocolate, be sure to mix it well and stir it well when you add it. Alternatively, you can also sprinkle larger salt crystals on chocolate baked goods like cookies. The key, however, is to add the right amount of salt to the chocolate. You want the salt to make the chocolate taste better, not to add salty flavor, so a little pinch is all you need (as the recipes say).


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