The best hangers in 2021, according to experts


Buying clothes hangers can be a daunting task. Every garment has its own hanger requirements – ranging from type to material – and if you store your valuables on the wrong hanger, they can get stretched or warped beyond repair. There is also the matter of space: depending on the size of your wardrobe, there are hangers and organizers that you can invest in to maximize storage space to avoid putting clothes in a drawer. and crumple them up. To help you narrow down the many hanger options available, we’ve consulted planning experts on the best types of hangers for various clothing items, and rounded up some of the best hangers on the market based on their advice.

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The best hangers, according to the experts

Best hangers overall: The Container Store

Premium Non-Slip Velor Hangers The Container Store

Rachel Rosenthal, organization expert and owner of Rachel and Company, said these hangers from The Container Store are a must-have for her team when organizing a customer’s closet. “It’s a great option that saves space and also looks super stylish,” she said, adding that non-slip velor in general “works great” for shirts. The hangers, which come in a pack of 10, come in two styles: one for shirts and one for suits. You can also buy clips for hanging pants or skirts.

Best wooden hangers: The Container Store

Basic white wooden hangers The Container Store

If you have a larger closet, Rosenthal said these wooden hangers are a sturdy option and noted that they “come in a few variations, ideal for shirts, blouses and pants.” When it comes to your shirts, just make sure you use a wooden hanger with a non-slip pad on the edge.

Best hangers for thin suspenders: Hangorize

Hangorize Giant Plastic Tubular Hangers

If you’re looking to organize your wardrobe on a budget, plastic hangers are “inexpensive, durable, sturdy, and easy to wash if they get dirty or dusty,” according to Carrie Ypma, owner and CEO of Clutter Keeper. For shirts and dresses with thin straps, plastic hangers with notches or hooks can help keep clothes in place. However, Rosenthal noted that plastic hangers “can break and be unpleasant for the shoulders of your shirt,” so try to avoid using them if you don’t use the notches and hooks.

Best trouser hanger: ZOBER

Zober Pants Trousers Hangers

For a more unified look in the closet, Rosenthal said she prefers to use the same hangers everywhere. “I like to stick with the same type of hanger for pants that you use for everything else – just with the bar, “she explained. However, if you are looking for an open bar hanger, this one from ZOBER is a good option – it has a non-slip rubber coating and its design makes it easy to hang up and take off your pants. .

Best hanger for delicate fabrics: The Container Store

Natural padded hanger The Container Store

When hanging clothes made from delicate fabrics like chiffon and silk, it is important to look for a padded hanger. Rosenthal recommended these hangers from The Container Store because “the padding helps take care of the clothes placed there”, and “helps to keep the structure of the room.” If you’re worried about your delicate clothes falling to the floor, Ypma also noted that the velor hangers “keep your clothes from slipping.”

Best hangers for beaded items: Honey-Can-Do

Honey-Can-Do Cherry Wood Hangers

“Something like a beaded dress might need a more solid wood hanger,” Rosenthal said. “It’s great because it allows you to hang clothes that weigh more.”

Best Suit Hangers: Quality Hangers

Wooden hangers for quality suits and coats

Experts we consulted agreed that using a hanger with a bar is the best option for a suit because it saves a lot of space and helps keep jackets and pants together. This option from Quality Hangers is made from a durable solid wood and includes shoulder notches if you need to hang anything with thin straps.

How to buy hangers

If there’s one thing you keep in mind when organizing and choosing hangers, it’s that wire hangers don’t belong in your closet. “The hangers are free for a reason,” Rosenthal said. “They fold easily and stretch your clothes if the piece hangs on the hanger for too long. The hangers also don’t prevent clothes from slipping, so clothes always end up on the floor.

In general, however, there is no overall superior hanger material or style – it depends on the type of clothing and how much space you have in your closet. Below, the experts explain how to buy hangers based on the most common types of clothing.

How to buy shirt hangers

The most important aspect of any shirt hanger, according to Rosenthal, is a non-slip feature. “When hanging up shirts, a non-slip option like velor or something like a wooden hanger with a non-slip pad on the edge works great,” she said. Hangers with notches or hooks are also useful for garments with thin straps.

How to buy pants hangers

Clip-on hangers are popular for hanging skirts and pants, and Ypma said they can be a good option if you have plenty of storage space. (If you’re using a clip-on hanger on your pants, just be sure to hang it upside down from the pant’s bottom cuffs to keep it “wrinkle-free and ready to wear.”) However, Rosenthal warned that clips can “damage clothing,” and both experts agreed that draping pants and skirts over a pant bar is better at saving space and generally provides more structural support.

How to buy hangers for sweaters

Experts have advised against hanging sweaters on normal hangers. “They are just too easily stretched or damaged when hung,” Rosenthal said. However, if you want to keep your sweaters in your closet and have vertical space in the space, she suggested using a hanging organizer like this one of the container store.

Another option, according to Ypma, is to drape the sweater over a hanger. “To do this, carefully fold the sweater in half vertically so that the crease goes down the center and the arms of the sweater overlap,” she explained. “Place the hanger on the sweater inside out so the hook is away from the sweater. Fold the arms of the sweater over the top of the hanger, then fold the body of the sweater over the top of the other side of the hanger.

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