The best French press of 2022


Fellow called his Clara French Press “the cure for the common coffee maker,” and his unique design and attention to detail transports it to a modern era away from Mr.Coffee pots (no hate for our humble coffee beginnings). Its “unique vacuum-insulated walls” keep the coffee hot inside, even in your second and third cup, and the multi-directional pour-over lid and ultra-fine mesh filter allow for smooth, effortless pouring.

There are also unique features not seen with other traditional French presses – a pivoting stirrer stick to improve flavor extraction and coffee and water ratio lines. Plus, the sleek design is timeless, modern and minimalist, with everything in matte black and an optional walnut handle.

Reviews on the website claim it as “the easiest French press to use”, and simple and elegant, as well as “beautiful and easy”. However, for the price of $99 ($135 if you choose the option with the walnut handle), the size is smaller. Despite this, and the hard-to-read gear markings, it received 4.5-5 ratings for performance, insulation, ease of maintenance (only the filter is dishwasher safe) and of cleaning, making it a unique and modern splurge to add. to your collection of kitchen gadgets.

Buy the Clara French Press from Fellow starting at $99.

If you made it to the end, you deserve to make another cup of coffee (or tea), because skimming took a lot of thought.


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