Taco Bell is testing a new menu item in Sacramento, California


Taco Bell is testing an all-new menu in the Sacramento, CA area, and it’s all about bringing the heat and flavor. And since we love all things Taco Bell, we can’t help but be excited about the idea of ​​a brand new menu item of any kind!

So what is this new menu item they are testing? According to chewing boomit looks like Taco Bell is introducing its California customers to the Cantina Crispy Chicken Tortada.

What exactly is a Tortada? Well, honestly, we have no idea. But what we do know is that it appears to be a mix of tostada and torta. And if you don’t know what a torta is, it’s basically a sandwich.

So what is this new Tortada on the Taco Bell menu?

Taco Bell is currently testing the Cantina Crispy Chicken Tortada in select California locations

So it seems that this particular creation starts with a flour tortilla that has been warmed up first. Then they add crispy chicken strips (at least in the photos of the Tortada it looks like more of a chicken strip) which has been coated in a mix of Mexican spices.

These chicken strips are then coated in a jalapeño buttermilk and tortilla chip coating. From there they add a “secret sauce”, shredded lettuce and cheeses, and even tomatoes which are all wrapped in the flour tortilla before it’s toasted (much like they do with the Classic Crunchwrap).

If you’re in the Sacramento area, you can grab the Tortada as an a la carte option right now, though we’re not sure how long they’ll last.

We just hope Taco Bell decides to expand this offer nationwide, as this definitely sounds like a menu item we can support. Not only do we love the idea of ​​a game about a Torta and a Tostada, but the warmth this item seems to bring to the table is something we’re really excited to try at least once.

What do you think of other Guilty Eats readers? Do you want to try the Cantina Crispy Chicken Tortada for yourself? Is this something you think Taco Bell will expand nationally? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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