SR 3 work expected to be completed by September 1 | News Sun


KENDALLVILLE – State Road 3 is riding a little rough and tight right now, but don’t worry, it’s not going to stay that way.

Crews continue to work on improving the pavement, and while the new black-colored lane looks a bit like chipping and sealing, it’s only a half-way point before the final product is not finished.

The Indiana Department of Transportation has been working on SR 3 for about two weeks now, as evidenced by several miles of orange barrels stretching from Kendallville south of Avilla.

Crews first worked on the inside lanes and are now being moved to the outside lanes of the four-lane highway. The north and south remain open, limited to a single lane.

The job changed last week and traffic was moved to the newly paved inner lanes, which drew the attention of motorists who experience a little more vibration on the black-paved traffic lane.

INDOT is working on an upgrade to the highway’s waterproofing, INDOT Northeast spokesman Hunter Petroviak said in an update Monday, with work expected to be completed by here on September 1, weather permitting.

“During operations, the existing pavement is covered with liquid asphalt, which seals cracks and provides waterproof protection. After the seal coat is complete, loose aggregate is applied and swept from the road. After a hardening period, crews will return to mist the new driving surface and apply pavement markings,” Petroviak said.

So no, the rough chipped and sealed surface is not the end product. Additional bumps, vibrations and noises will be fixed soon.

Preservation works are a less expensive and less intensive method of extending pavement life. In preservation works, the aim is to keep a good pavement in good condition for as long as possible because this keeps the road in the best condition and also costs less than leaving the asphalt to degrade.

Preservation techniques such as crack sealing, micro-sealing and seal coating are less expensive and less intense than milling and repaving or reconstruction work for roads that are really deteriorating.

“Seal Coating is a cost-effective pavement preservation technique that is used statewide in Indiana, saving approximately $6 to $14 in taxpayer expense for every dollar invested in life extension. life of a pavement,” said Petroviak.

Construction work is never practical, and the loose stone used as a base on SR 3 can get a little rough, but crews aim to wrap things up quickly and get drivers back to smooth navigation on the main north-south thoroughfare. of Noble County.

“INDOT makes every effort to reduce damage to vehicles during and immediately after joint coating projects. While these efforts do not prevent all damage to vehicles during the sealant coating process, they have significantly reduced the likelihood of damage,” Petroviak said.


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