SNAX-SATIONAL BRANDS presents “CANDY POP MADE WITH SOUR PATCH KIDS®” as the newest and most exciting flavor innovation



Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS®

SOUR PATCH KIDS®, the # 1 brand of tart candy, has never debuted in an official savory deal – a match meant to wow fans – combining a favorite SOUR THEN SWEET® treat with popcorn, l staple food snacks from the movie. Now here is the Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS® popcorn.

SNAX-Sational Brands’ premier popcorn brand, including Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, launches their next Candy Pop creation, Candy Pop Popcorn made with SOUR PATCH KIDS®, which first caused a sensation at SWEETS & SNACKS EXPO in June this year. SOUR PATCH KIDS® Popcorn Candy Pop will officially hit shelves in mid-October 2021, with its first introduction in Walmart stores nationwide.

Just in time for Halloween, the SOUR THEN SWEET® flavor profile will be available to consumers across the country, first at Walmart, then online, with other retailers such as the Hy-Vee supermarket chain to follow. . SOUR PATCH KIDS®, the # 1 brand of tart candy, has never debuted in an official savory deal – a match meant to wow fans – combining a favorite SOUR THEN SWEET® treat with popcorn, l staple food snacks from the movie. SOUR PATCH KIDS®, owned by MondelÄ“z International, is a soft and chewy candy with a sour sugar coating creating a unique SOUR THEN SWEET® experience. Americans will be able to take advantage of this new innovation, already packaged for them and flavored to perfection.

“This new Candy Pop combination is going to really ‘wow’ consumers. We’re excited to roll out Candy Pop SOUR PATCH KIDS® to Walmart stores in time for Halloween. We’ve worked so hard to perfect this new variety of popcorn that features a REDBERRY® flavored coating on our signature popcorn topped with authentic SOUR PATCH KIDS® Bitz and finished with a dash of sour sugar. The taste is absolutely delicious, bursting with sour, sweet and savory flavors. It is truly an exciting time for our brand and the entire SNAX-Sational team, and we thank MondelÄ“z International for trusting us with this creation! – Frank Florio, creator, Cookie Pop and Candy Pop

“SOUR PATCH KIDS® is delighted to work with Candy Pop. We know people love to add candy to their popcorn and our fans will be excited to try this delicious SOUR THEN SWEET® combination.

Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, the first power duo from SNAX-Sational Brands, continues to be the innovative leader in popcorn snacks combining everyone’s favorite things – ready-to-eat popcorn with cookies and America’s favorite candies for the perfect, must-have snack creation. The Best Healthy Snack is 100% made in the USA with non-GMO corn, is low in sodium, and contains only 150 calories per serving. The popular, low-calorie, cookie or candy coated line has been named ‘Top 20 Snack of 2020’ by Buzzfeed and continues to garner the attention of consumers, media and celebrities from Cardi B. to Lance Bass and the others. by Robert De Niro and Joey. King to Mario Lopez to Ryan Seacrest.

Additionally, as part of the brand’s ongoing Snackgiving initiative, a portion of the proceeds from all sales of SNAX-Sational Brands varieties, including all sales of Candy Pop bags, benefit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. and their efforts, including their partnership with Children’s Hospitals nationwide, including the all-new Seacrest Studios at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando Health. The new Seacrest Studio allows children and teens to get behind the camera and microphone to develop, play and interact in original TV and radio programs while in hospital. Patients also have the option of calling the studio via their hospital room phone to participate in events they watch on their screens, in which their signature daily show “Pop Talk” provided a preview of the news. SOUR PATCH KIDS® flavor earlier this month.


SNAX-Sational Brands Group’s first popcorn brands, Cookie Pop and Candy Pop, consist of the popular Cookie Pop and Candy Pop varieties. Since its inception, it has grown into America’s # 1 popcorn brand, with flavors such as Cookie Pop with OREO®, Cookie Pop made from CHIPS AHOY! ®, Candy Pop made from TWIX®, Candy Pop made with SNICKERS®, Candy Pop made with M & M’s® Minis, Candy Pop made with Peanut M & M’s® and their latest flavors, Cookie Pop made with NUTTER BUTTER® and presentation of Candy Pop made with SOUR PATCH KIDS®. They lead the industry as a sweet and savory pioneer, combining delicious candy flavors and cookie coatings with low sodium, non-GMO corn at just 150 calories per serving. The jumpsuit has become the go-to snack item at Hollywood premieres and watching movies at home. With retail partners such as Walmart, Hy-Vee, Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger, Food4Less, Five Below and Stater Bros., the brand continues to release its latest licensed varieties. Follow @CookiePop_CandyPop #CookiePop #CandyPop on social media for news and updates, and visit the brand’s all-new website, including its online e-commerce store at

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SOUR PATCH KIDS is a trademark of the Mondelēz International group, used under license.

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