Snark’s new rechargeable tuner could solve fundamental waste problem –



Snark introduced a rechargeable version of their incredibly popular clip-on guitar tuners, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Let’s be honest, unless you work in a watch store or collect old calculators, button batteries (or button batteries) are never quite there when you need them. And so when your clip-on tuner runs out of juice you leave it lying around and before you know it the battery has leaked and you end up having to buy another one.

This allows you to charge it via USB and is supposed to last “weeks to months” of regular use. Believe it or not, it also brings new technology, including new tuning software for more precise “lightning-quick response”.

It also has a new rubber coating that helps isolate signals in loud environments – so you can tune in with peace of mind while your bassist shows his best Sunn O impression))).

Good news for supporters of the 432 Hz theory: the color pitch calibration can be set between 415 Hz and 466 Hz. It also works with baritone and multi-string bass guitars.

Apart from that, this new rechargeable variant of the Snark clip-on tuner retains the characteristic bright LCD display and full 360-degree rotation.

Snark’s rechargeable clip-on tuner is available now for $ 20.

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