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If you are looking to make your home stand out from the crowd then take a look at the new line of Sicis Marbles. Recognized around the world for its spectacular mosaic creations that embody superior craftsmanship, design and technology, the Italian brand has just launched its new collection of electric marble in India.

Part of its Vetrite series, it is the perfect combination of traditional and modern production processes to achieve a quality coating product that is both highly decorative and extremely versatile.

Electric Marble was born from the most daring synthetic hues – a collection of glass plates that combines the power of marble with the creative energy of metal. It can be used for wall or floor coverings, interior or exterior coverings, kitchen countertops, table tops, applications in wet areas, interior or exterior partition walls, parapets and facades ventilated.

Depending on the use, Sicis recommends specific thicknesses, sizes and treatments.

Available in six striking variations – Cal Fuxia, Cal Silver, Cal Gold, Cal Natural, Cal Turchese and Marquinia Black – it is available in the Delhi and Mumbai showrooms of Tessera India, a collaborative effort of Kekin Shah, Falgun Shroff and Dhara Shroff.

It combines the experience of over two decades in the Indian design industry with the expertise of one of the country’s most sought-after architects. Tessera’s goal is to organize experiences by bringing unique luxury design brands to India to weave home collections that are personal, exclusive and bespoke.

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