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There’s nothing more transformative than a thick coat of paint. Whether you wrap overly bright white walls in a warm-toned beige or paint the ceiling a brilliant shade of aquamarine, you’d be amazed at what a new shade can do for your walls. The only problem? There are many (read: thousands) of paint colors to choose from, so picking the right one for your space can be a little tricky. This is where Joanna Gaines comes in.

The taste and design genius has teamed up with paint giant Kilz on The Castle Collection, 10 Gaines colors curated for Magnolia. Primarily warm neutrals, the collection features a few darker alternatives inspired by the historic castle the Gaineses renovated in Waco, Texas.


“I wanted to honor the castle’s history with rich, unique colors that would complement its grand, traditional aesthetic, while creating a timeless palette for any style of home,” Gaines said. Beautiful house. Plus, all colors are available in interior, exterior, chalk, and cabinet finishes, so there’s no excuse not to pick up a gallon or two.

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Our favourite? The Pink Rose. “It’s inspired by my grandmother, Agnes Rose. It’s a subtle pink with a vintage flair,” Gaines says. Next is Cottage Grove, an inky deep forest green that infuses any space, no matter how small, with a touch of drama.



“A rich blend of navy blue and green, this color can take on any tone in different light, making it both dramatic and cozy,” adds Gaines. If you’re looking for something softer, you can’t go wrong with Drawing Room, a creamy white that suits any space. “Named after one of my favorite rooms in the castle, I love the subtle character and charm that this gray hue brings to a space,” reveals Gaines.

All in all, no matter what color you choose, you’re sure to feel right at home, thanks to Joanna Gaines.

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