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If you’re feeling a bit stuck for your long list of Christmas gifts, Oprah is here to give you the inspiration you need. Every year Oprah releases her coveted list which is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, and here we are with the stars of her. Favorite things. Legendary categories include home and kitchen items, tech, great family gifts, and even special items for your pet! With Oprah in control of each of your choices, you can feel confident with the stellar gifts you redeem.


Echo show 10

The latest boost to your Trusted Alexa is designed to travel with you, whether you’re video chatting or watching your dog on a quick trip to the grocery store for the last ingredient for dinner.

BUY NOW $ 250,


Evermill Core Countertop Spice Rack

“I love a good kitchen accessory that you love to see displayed on your counter – and this streamlined spice rack fits perfectly,” Oprah says. “Not only does the set come with the rack and jars, but it contains the real spices. amber glass not only looks good, it protects what’s inside from the sun and heat. “

BUY NOW $ 199,


Clean hands

“This new little wonder makes hand sanitizer hands-free,” Oprah explains. “Non-contact motion sensing technology delivers a protective hydrating mist in one of four scents – and it looks way fresher than anything I’ve seen.”

BUY NOW $ 80, now 20 percent off with code: oprah,


The life planner you want

“It will change your life, even if you only do half of it. Part Weekly Planner, Part Intent Diary, this wonderful book created by the Oprah Daily team will inspire you to make self-reflection and setting intentions a daily practice – and help you answer the ultimate question. : “How can I become more myself? »» We are sold!

BUY NOW $ 25,


Aarke III Carbonator

Who can resist the fizz of an iced drink? This eco-friendly option was featured in Oprah’s 2018, but is stunning enough to be mentioned again due to the new luxury color options.

BUY NOW $ 219,


Material Knives + Support

Show off your skills in the kitchen with a stylish knife that can be displayed on a magnetic wooden stand. The knives are sharp and reliable thanks to the Japanese steel and the high carbon content.

BUY NOW $ 195,


Philips Plus pasta machine

“Fresh pasta quickly?” Count on me, ”Oprah says. “Add the wet and dry ingredients to a compartment at the top and select a shape. You can make spaghetti, lasagna, penne and more! Press a button, wait 10 minutes, and enjoy your food !”

BUY NOW $ 300,


Aua Carver Luxe smart photo frame

Why choose a single photo to frame when you can select an infinite number of them? This digital memory keeper is the perfect gift for all loved ones. It allows you to upload photos

BUY NOW $ 179,


Yedi Total Package Bread Maker

“This fall, I was making tomato sandwiches and needed white bread,” says Oprah. “I wish I had this in my kitchen!” It’s become a staple in the kitchen for Oprah Daily Creative Director Adam Glassman.

BUY NOW $ 120,


The love bowl

“My neighbor gave me this, and I had to spread the love,” Oprah reveals. “Rose quartz happens to be the stone that symbolizes unconditional love, so this unique gift will instantly give you care. The polished gemstones come in a heart-shaped pink onyx bowl that is definitely worth having exposed. (The Love Bowl, originally $ 100, now 20% off with code oprah;

BUY NOW $ 100, now 20 percent off with code: oprah,


COCOCOZY square link serving board

If you haven’t yet experienced the beauty of Colette Shelton and the etúHOME collaboration, add this serving tray to your Christmas list! The collection includes artisan charcuterie boards, candles, bells and more designed with Colette’s signature COCOCOZY patterns.

BUY NOW $ 179,


External reality live

“Home workouts are always where they are at, and this rower is a great low-impact sweat,” Oprah says. body workouts on demand. When you’re done, the rower is stored upright, so it takes up minimal space. Gayle gave it to a few of his friends! “

BUY NOW $ 2295,


The Stuffed Waffle

If you’re a fan of classic pairings like peanut butter and jelly or you’re trying out savory options like ham and cheese, this stuffed waffle iron takes any meal of the day to the next level.

BUY NOW $ 49,


Catch 3 Essential

“These wireless charging pads are coming back to Favorite Things! The linen finish is new and looks gorgeous on a nightstand, ”Oprah says. “The small size is great for travel, the medium can load multiple items and the large one can juice all your tech at once, plus it has a tray for jewelry and other odds and ends.”

BUY NOW $ 100,


Rectangular bakery 16 “set with cork stopper

This year, treat your favorite host to dishwasher-safe stoneware that can sit on the dining room table without damaging the wood thanks to the heat-resistant cork top. It is also suitable for leftovers in the freezer!

BUY NOW $ 83,


HealthProtect 7470i

“Nowadays, we all wash our hands and wipe surfaces a little more often,” says the media guru. “Now you can also purify the air in your home. Ideal for mid-sized rooms, this small air purifier filters air particles, removes pollutants like dust and treats household odors. You end up with a cleaner smelling house which is also a bit safer.

BUY NOW $ 760, now 20 percent off with code: oprah,


The three sisters

What can’t Oprah do ?! “I am proud to grow some pretty impressive tomatoes,” she reveals. “There is a tomato scented candle in this kitchen trio, along with herbaceous rosemary and cleansing sage. With every purchase, a tree is planted.”

BUY NOW $ 115,


Juno cashmere throw

Sink back on your comfy sofa with a luxurious cashmere throw that serves as backdrop and a great match for a movie night.

BUY NOW $ 248, now 20 percent off with code: oprah,


Searsmart 10-Piece Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

“Fantastic colors (pick one) make these durable pots and pans anything but ho-ho-hum,” Oprah says. “With a special ceramic non-stick coating that requires little to no oil, they encourage health-conscious cooking, retain even heat, and won’t give off unhealthy fumes.”

BUY NOW $ 400,


Beast mixer and hydration system

Make room on your kitchen counter for the most beautiful blender ever. “But it doesn’t just look good, it performs really well. It was created by the same guy who made the NutriBullet, so you know he’s a genius. The ribbed design helps ensure a mix. smoother, and it comes with a hydration system, allowing you to blend fruits and vegetables to create refined spa-like water. “

BUY NOW $ 185,


Gen 2 smart oven

“Cooking Gayle swears it fed her through isolation,” Oprah tells her best friend. “You can scan a grocery item’s barcode and the oven will adjust its settings to cook it. Freebies can also enroll in a Tovala meal plan to receive scannable meals.”

BUY NOW $ 299, now 20 percent off with code: oprah,

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