Residents and businesses clean sidewalks and driveways after snowstorm


QUINCY (WGEM) – Many had their work cut out for them Saturday morning after Friday night’s snowstorm left a deep blanket of snow across all three states.

Other than a few plows on the roads, Quincy was quiet except for those stepping outside to plow their driveways.

Quincy residents Norma and Jim Young said they were up at 5 a.m.

They said they were the shoveling dream team, with one shoveling and the other setting up the snow blower.

“Shovel for a while, rest for a while, have hot, homemade, sugar-free coconut until we’re done and we’re almost done, thank you!” Norman said.

She said shoveling snow can often bring the neighborhood together, help each other.

She also praised the work the city and county snowplow truck drivers were doing.

“They work 12 hours, 14 hours or more just to keep the streets clean,” she said. “They do a wonderful job,” Norma said.

Local businesses also had to dig an entrance so their customers wouldn’t be discouraged from stopping.

“We’ve been very empty at the moment, we’re usually a lot more packed than that,” said Salvation Army Thrift Store employee Jacob Baldwin.

Baldwin said he took a break from his usual cashier duties to clear the entire perimeter of snow around the store.

He said the task could take him up to an hour.

“I actually helped break most of the ice at the front door just to help the older people who come here because they love coming here, they love talking with a lot of us who are in forward,” Baldwin said. .

Residents said those shoveling snow should consider helping out their elderly neighbors.

Also, don’t forget to clear your car windows, Illinois law states that driving with snow blocking your view is illegal and you could be fined.

Iowa law also states that you can be fined for driving with a darkened windshield or mirrors.

Although there is no specific law requiring Missouri drivers to plow their cars, they can face legal consequences if unploughed snow plays a role in an accident.

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