Rental Car Company Launches Tesla Fleet In CA, NY, NJ With Model 3 For $995 A Month


Kytea company that delivers rental cars right to your doorstep, has announced the launch of its new You’re here subscription product.

Available in San Francisco, CA, Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY, and Jersey City, NJ on April 15, the Model 3 long-range all-wheel-drive trim level will be available to customers for monthly rental for as little as $995. .

The rollout of Kyte’s Tesla Model 3 fleet is “the next step in a series of impressive successes by the California-based company,” Kyte said in a statement. The Model 3 fleet will soon make its way to Kyte’s current 14 markets.

Pricing starts at $995 for the Model 3, which will get a customer one month with the all-electric sedan. Three-month terms cost $1,350 per month and six months for $1,125 per month. The price of each rental term includes maintenance, insurance, registration and roadside assistance.

The benefit of the subscription service is the Tesla experience without the hassle of ownership and long-term commitment, Kyte said.

“Kyte’s offering will allow customers to reap all the benefits while avoiding the challenges—no maintenance and no hang-ups. Plus, for those who love the performance of their Tesla, Kyte offers the option to extend the subscriptions flexibly at any time. »

Subscription programs offer flexibility for those who wish to rent a car for a shorter period without the lengthy commitments of actual ownership. However, they are also very suitable for traveling workers who are in cities for months at a time.

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