Recycle Week 2022: Recycling or waste? Things you can and can’t put in your gray bin in Hartlepool


So for this year Recycling Week Initiative (October 17-October 23) we took a closer look at Hartlepool Borough Council’s guidelines for what can – and cannot – be thrown in your blue recycling bin.

The directory campaign aims to raise awareness of how recycling makes a difference, with this year’s recycling week challenging myths about the practice and working to improve knowledge.

It is hoped that people will be encouraged to recycle the right thing more often, so let’s review that of the council tips for households in Hartlepool.

We take a look at advice from Hartlepool Borough Council on what you can and cannot put in your recycling bin.

What can I put in my gray bin?

Cardboard and cardboard: Cardboard boxes, Pringles tubes, cardboard wrappers, cardboard sleeves, paper towel and paper towel inner tubes

Glass: Drinking glasses, clean and empty glass bottles, jars

Metal: Aerosol cans, cookie and confectionery cans, clean aluminum foil, foil cake pans and trays, cans and cans, jar lids

Paper: Brochures, catalogs, mailings in fine paper or cardboard, leaflets, magazines, newspapers, paper bags, telephone directories

Plastic: Cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles, plastic juice and milk bottles/cartons, clean and transparent plastic food trays and fruit trays, clean butter, yogurt and margarine tubs

What can’t I put in my gray bin?

Cardboard and cardboard: Cardboard juice or milk cartons, egg cartons, greeting cards, paper plates, sandwich boxes, take-out boxes

Glass: Glass kitchen utensils, mirrors, panes

Metal: Foil pouches, knives and kitchen utensils, screw lids

Paper: Envelopes, paper towels, paperbacks, shredded paper, tissues, wallpaper, wrapping paper

Plastic: Black plastic, bulky plastic, carrier bags, CD and DVD cases, cling film, hangers, pens, flowerpot holders, plastic cutlery, plastic tablet packets, tube of toothpaste

Polystyrene cups and trays


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