PPG to Showcase Coating Innovations for OEM Vehicles at SURCAR Detroit 2021


PPG announced that four members of its automotive OEM coatings team will be making presentations on recent innovations for automakers and multi-tiered suppliers during SURCAR Detroit 2021 at the Roostertail Event Center in Detroit, Michigan, from 28 to September 29.

PPG’s three presentations on September 29 will focus on streamlining the coating and curing processes, improving the appearance of the vehicle, and accelerating the development of new colors.

At 10:55 a.m., Courtney Balliet, PPG Senior Group Leader, Adhesives and Sealants, and Vivek Badarinarayana, PPG Group Leader, Substrate Protection Systems, will discuss a new PPG solution that reduces complexity and the cost of hardening vehicles made of complex materials and joints. Their presentation, “Integrating ED and Adhesive Expanded Capabilities to Resolve NEV Challenges”, highlights the use of the PPG ENVIRO-PRIME® electrolytic layer and PPG CORABOND ™ structural adhesive to reduce the difference in curing temperature on each vehicle. This approach, which eliminates the need to overbake certain areas / seals to avoid undercooking others, helps automakers reduce furnace temperatures, process complexity and unit cost.

In a 2:05 p.m. presentation, Zachary Geyser, PPG Senior Customer Service Chemist, will join representatives from Lucid Motors and FANUC to outline the staged development of a high-end paint shop. Presenters will document the efficiency and quality benefits of an approach whereby automotive manufacturers and their equipment and coatings suppliers set goals, evaluate product / process options, and determine operating parameters prior to release. vehicle launch.

“The Future of Color Development – Digital Color Styling” will be the theme of the 3:20 pm presentation by Sabine Griesbeck, Technical Manager of Digital Transformation at PPG. She will discuss the company’s new digital styling platform, which helps automotive designers dramatically speed up the color development process. This new capability allows OEM design teams to collaborate with PPG experts directly, remotely and in real time. Prior to this program, the process of finalizing a color based on a designer’s initial concept could take up to nine months.

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