Park Rapids City Council hands over overdue bills to county assessor



Park Rapids City Council on Tuesday certified more than $ 4,500 in overdue utility bills for special assessment on property tax bills payable in 2022.

The board held a hearing on the assessment, but no public comment was made.

The resolution, on the council’s consent agenda, says the city has provided written notice of overdue bills and that once next year’s property taxes are assessed, an interest rate of 5% will apply.

The resolution also listed 16 properties owed between $ 15 and $ 2,171, most owed under $ 100, but four properties owed between $ 129 and $ 540 and two owed more than $ 1,000. The total amount owed was $ 4,812.

According to city administrator Angel Weasner, an account totaling $ 149 had already been settled on Tuesday evening.

Weasner added that landowners could pay their bills at town hall before the close of business on Wednesday, but any unpaid balances would be certified to the Hubbard County auditor on Monday.

In points of consent and general affairs, the council:

  • Granted police officer Joshua Gabriel a four-year pay rise to $ 29.18 per hour, retroactive to Oct. 14.

  • Granted full-time Accounts Payable Clerk Dawn Rouse a one-year non-union pay increase to $ 20.09 per hour, effective Nov. 24.

  • Paid to Black Diamond Concrete $ 3,162 for two sealed and reinforced 128 square foot aprons, two 20 square foot aprons and additional concrete to extend the decks beyond the walk-in doors of the new public works storage building .

  • Paid Elsner Well Drilling, Inc. $ 28,564 for the emergency repair of Municipal Well 9, which had a burnt out engine. The bill included a 75 horsepower motor, a 1,100 gallons per minute pump end, labor, use of a pump and compressor, travel with equipment and supplies.

  • Paid Johnson Controls $ 1,814 for the annual test and inspection of the municipal liquor store’s fire alarm system.

  • Paid $ 3,500 to The Arbitrage Group to prepare and submit the five-year arbitration reports required by the Internal Revenue Service for bonds the city funded in 2015-16.

  • Paid $ 641,146 to Blombeck Construction, Inc. for construction work on the Terminal Area Taxiway Project at the Municipal Airport. The council resolution notes that work on the project is 75% complete. According to the invoice in the agenda package, the city’s share of this cost after federal and state contributions is $ 40,236.

  • Recognition of two donations totaling $ 75 to the Fish Hook Lake and River Association Aquatic Invasive Species Fund.

  • Approved accounts payable totaling $ 197,999 and prepayments totaling $ 102,894.

A point of consent to certify the special appraisal for a forfeited tax parcel that was to be sold at 608 Middle Ave. S. was removed from the agenda because the plot was not sold.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14 at 6 p.m. at City Hall and includes a tax truth hearing.



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