Our place has a secret sale and the Always Pan is 25% off


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Our Place hardly ever sells its trendy nonstick cookware, so we were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a big, unannounced sale event happening on the brand’s website. Right now, customers can save 25% off a slew of bestsellers, including the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot. New releases, including the Cast Iron Always Pan and Ovenware Set, are also on sale as part of what they’re calling the “Goodbye Summer Event.”

Why we love our place

Photo: With us

The Always Pan is the cookware that put Our Place on the map when it launched in 2019 – and we can see why. The cult bestseller was created to handle eight different cooking tasks in an attractive, lightweight and compact design. The clever skillet can fry, sauté, steam with the use of the included steamer basket, sear, braise, boil, and more. The unique non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating allows for a frustration-free cooking experience. Plus, the pan’s high-quality cast aluminum not only conducts and retains heat well, but is also compatible with all cooktops, including induction.

But the usefulness doesn’t stop there. By far its greatest appeal, its problem-solving design, from a modular steam-releasing lid to a steamer basket (or colander, depending on how you use it) that fits snugly over the pot for put it away. A well-integrated spoon rest keeps the included beech wood spatula right where you need it, without making a mess.

The pan’s sleek design also makes it ideal for display. It comes in 10 matte shades, including a dusty gray-blue, muted earthy green, and creamy pale oatmeal.

Our Place now offers a mini version of the Always Pan and a cast iron version of the Always Pan, both of which are part of the sale.

Check out our favorite finds from the sale below.

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