Old Halo Infinite Battle Pass Locked Angers Players At $ 18


A Spartan wearing expensive HAZOP armor stands in the Halo Infinite microtransaction store.

Screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

Like clockwork, the players of Infinite haloThe free-to-play multiplayer mode has bristled at the cost of a cosmetic item. But wait! It’s different this time, I promise. On the one hand, the backlash follows a series of positively received changes in Infinite halo. For another, this is only partially due to the price.

Yesterday, developer 343 Industries added a host of multiplayer modes requested by players and playlists, for general praise at all levels. (Boo-yah, Slayer.) Those launched with a limited-time armor pack in Infinite‘s store, which received what can be generously called the opposite of praise, mainly because of what fans say is a high sticker price, but also because armor has been a standard issue in some precedents Halo Games.

Every Tuesday, Infinite haloThe in-game store is resetting its list of offerings, usually including an armor set, vehicle skin, and weapon skin bundle. Right now, the main armor pack up for grabs is the HAZOP armor set, which is currently on sale for 2,000 credits ($ 18 real money in Infinitemicrotransaction store). Picking it up grants you access to nine cosmetic options for your Infinite halo Player avatar: The HAZOP helmet, a series of similar armor accessories, a cloudy brown visor color, and the “tasman hunter” armor coating (essentially a light gray with orange accents).

Answers at the announcement are overall negative, with players wondering why the price is so high; offer suggestions for a different pricing level, usually up to $ 10 or $ 5; and photo sharing of the perfect glare of Giancarlo Esposito. As always, there’s no shortage of vitriol either, but we don’t need to give this product more oxygen than it already has.

It’s not just that people think 2,000 credits is a high asking price (each weekly set of Infinite halo the armor has the same price) but also that the HAZOP helmet has a long history in Haloof the suite of customization options. In 2010 he appeared in Halo: scope, where you can unlock it relatively easily just by playing the game. It also appeared in 2019 as an unlockable in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, once this game has moved to a seasonal pattern.

And then there’s the fact that, yes, that’s 2,000 credits at face value. But this whole bundle of HAZOP customization options is only applicable on the Mark V [B] armor kit. While you don’t need to go far in the Battle Pass to unlock this kit, you do need the Premium Battle Pass, an upgrade that will net you 1,000 credits ($ 9 real money). In other words, while the HAZOP armor set itself costs $ 18, it will cost you $ 27 to equip it, although $ 9 of course gets you a whole bunch of other unlockables. , including cosmetic options and these coveted challenge exchanges.

But those price tags shouldn’t be the world’s biggest surprise. After all, this is the same game that just yesterday asked players to shell out over 700 credits (not quite sure on the math, but say, I don’t know, $ 8 or $ 9?) Under the barrel. of your handgun.

The hit tea bag hangs under a gun in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku



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