Officially open: the summit celebrates the grand opening of Mochinuts



SUMMIT, NJ – Summit celebrated the grand opening of Mochinut at 427 Springfield Avenue.

Mayor Nora Radest helped cut the ribbon for the new store.

Mochinut is the new donut store that combines Japanese rice cakes, or mochi, and American-style donuts.

The first Ani Ramen / Mochinut location opened on October 11 next to the Ani Summit location at 427 Springfield Avenue, as a take-out kiosk for Mochinut donuts and Boba teas (bubbles). The city celebrated the opening this week.

Mochinut is gaining popularity across the country, due to its unique shape and texture, a slightly crisp, yet soft and chewy coating on the inside. Because Mochinut donuts are made with rice flour, they are stretchy and chewy. There’s a sticky addiction to every bite, a completely different textural element than yeast or cake donuts. Mochinut donuts are also distinguished by their unique appearance: a connected circle of 8 balls of dough, in a rainbow of colored icings. The flavors range from Asian ingredients like yuzu, ube (purple yam), matcha and black sesame, to more familiar American tastes like red velvet, cookies and cream, peanut butter, funnel aux strawberries and milk rolls.

On the menu of Korean rice flour hot dogs, Ani fans will surely be eager to try the Crispy Ramen style. In addition to the original flavor, there are a variety of coatings, including cheddar cheese and even hot Cheetos. Mozzarella topping is also an option for those who want a hot dog alternative.

The flavors of Boba range from matcha and ube to brown sugar, milk tea and Thai tea.

The hours for the summit spot are from noon to 9 p.m.



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