New Dyson Airwrap review: what’s changed


Few products command the kind of respect whispered in the beauty world like the famous Dyson Airwrap. On TikTok, among your friendship circle, the multi-styler has kept us in a stranglehold for the entire four years since its launch in 2018. So you can imagine the chaos and bewilderment that followed news that Dyson was planning to release a reworked model (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, etc.).

Released on June 16, the next generation of the beloved Dyson Airwrap is well and truly here, though it’s certainly not the same girl we once knew. No, the multi-styler has had a makeover and we are here to help you.

How is the new Dyson Airwrap different?

If you’re wondering how the original Airwrap compares to the latest version, so do we. Many of the new changes relate to the efficiency and streamlining of its attachments. However, Dyson has slightly increased the airflow from 13 liters per second to 13.5 litres, which sounds small but you can notice the difference. As for the other changes? Find them below.


The most noticeable difference between the original Dyson Airwrap and the latest iteration is its accessories.

For one, Dyson has updated the technology on the Airwrap barrels; so that instead of needing two barrels – each holding a different direction of airflow – that you untie and tie as you gradually curl both sides of your hair, Dyson has condensed it into a single mighty barrel instead. To change the direction of the airflow, just flip the switch on the top of the attachment, which works for me: a sloth. This is why the Airwrap comes with two barrel clips, a 30mm size and a 40mm size, rather than the original four.

As someone with thick, long, straight hair, I’ve always taken a low-maintenance (read: none) approach to styling out of necessity and in all honesty, laziness. Curls take time, and as a general rule, I’d rather look tousled than wake up two hours earlier than necessary. That’s why, for me and other lazy girls, the Dyson Airwrap is a game changer. Curling my hair takes half an hour max, and the Coanda technology is not only new, but makes sense?

You’re supposed to use the Airwrap on damp hair for best results if you curl and when I went to the Dyson Demo store on George Street the brand’s style ambassador Peter Thomsen taught me how to use the new cold fire button to define curls before releasing them. The more you know, right?

As for other attachment changes, there are 13 different ones to choose from, including a wide-tooth comb for textured and frizzy hair, and the multi-styler comes with six options. Dyson has made the round volumizing brush coating smoother to prevent hair from snagging when you twist. Meanwhile, he’s added a brand new accessory that the TikTok Algorithm has probably served you before, called the Coanda Smoothing Dryer. Basically, it’s a dual-purpose tool that dries your hair and can be used to smooth out flyaways thanks to Coanda technology, which involves a jet of air pressing the hair onto a curved surface.

Then there are the soft and hard straightening brushes which have been designed for fine and coarse hair respectively. I’ve used both, pulling under the hair and found this technique works best if straightening and straightening is the goal.


First off, if you’re looking at Airwrap, you’re probably doing it because of its promises to minimize heat damage. You know how we’ve all heard our hair sizzle on a curling iron or straightener? Well, that literally can’t happen with the Airwrap because as the name suggests, it sends jets of hot air rather than applying direct heat to your hair. This and he does it consciously. The Airwrap measures airflow temperatures more than 40 times per second, ensuring the temperature stays below 150 degrees Celsius all the time.

This time around there are three heat settings instead of four, and there’s a cold shot button that instantly blasts cool air to set your style. That means no burnt fingers, which we naturally love.

Is the Dyson Airwrap worth it?

If you use heat styling tools every day, I would say yes. Much like sun damage, heat damage to your hair is cumulative, and once you wear down your hair cuticles and break their protein bonds, the damage is irreversible no matter what the mask. capillary insists. So if there is an option to minimize this risk, I would take it personally.

However, that being said, the Dyson Airwrap doesn’t come cheap. It’s definitely an investment. However, if you already own the original Airwrap, the good news is that the new accessories are compatible with the old design. Which is a thoughtful touch in a world of planned obsolescence. Dyson also offers buy it now and pay later options at checkout such as Afterpay and Zip Pay, if payment spacing is right for you. So there’s that too.

As for dupes, I personally haven’t tested any, but I would be wary of buying them. Not in a snobby way, but simply because the technology doesn’t compare and you better stick to your current diet.

Discover the next generation of Dyson Airwrap on the Dyson website.

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