My review of Material tools and pans


The era of disruptors is here. From mattresses to plants, a new generation of entrepreneurs has infused new design, sustainability, internet marketing and technological innovation into centuries-old industries. The last to be given a facelift: kitchen utensils. From matt colors to pretty details, the new generation of products aimed directly at the consumer The brands not only appeal to millennial cooks who shop for Dutch ovens on Instagram, but also anyone looking for a functional and functional refresh of kitchen equipment.

Review of the day: Equipment

The material incorporates form and function with earthy colors like sand and clay in its line of kitchen utensils, prep utensils, knives, tools, tableware and even storage and dining accessories. ‘interview. In other words, the brand sells complete kitchen and dining table solutions.

I was first told about Material through Instagram who sneaked my kitchen remodeling research so they could send me proper marketing. For once it worked. I went to the Material site to find out more.

Eunice Byun is the co-founder and CEO of Material. Founded with longtime friend Dave Nguyen, their goal was to create “high quality, thoughtfully designed kitchen things that inspire the home cook and bring joy to the everyday,” according to their press release.

Eunice started her career at Goldman Sachs. She has helped launch and advise several consumer start-ups and most recently was Head of Digital at Revlon. In this role, she defined the company’s digital strategy and advanced digital marketing, social media and digital innovation across the organization. This backdrop has undoubtedly helped Material reach its target demographic on social media like Instagram.

I decided to try a cutting board, a palm, and a non-stick skillet.

I can’t think of the last time (ever) that a cutting board brought me joy to Marie Kondo, but when I unwrapped the green reBoard in the color Deep, I again savored tear up shallots and onions. Although a cutting board is by definition abused by repeated use of a knife, my chef’s knife only made small marks. The bread knife, however, left some jagged tears, so I moved my balls and bastards onto a plank of wood.

I love that these colorful BPA free cutting boards are made entirely from kitchen plastic waste and renewable sugar cane and will definitely add a few more to my collection.

Then I tested a Soft-Edged Turner in an earthy rose called Terra Rosa. In the past, I hadn’t thought much about prep utensils or cooking

tools. I just grabbed everything that was on sale at a kitchen supply store in Chelsea. But it’s a new dawn in the modern kitchen, and we can have attractive and functional tools worthy of display on the counter.

The Soft-Edge Turner is made of BPA-free silicone with a reinforced nylon core for stability that complements the softness of the silicone. The tool turned, inverted, bent and scraped eggs, mushrooms or whatever I was cooking in the pan, with ease.

Finally, I tested a Pan Coated in the color of dune. The shimmering color has been infused into the non-stick coating which is non-toxic, smoke-free, lead-free and cadmium-free and made with a stainless steel alloy. At the heart of the pan is a 5-ply copper core for even heat retention and transfer.

I have used the pan 5 times for everything from warming tortillas to baking eggs and fish. The non-stick coating on the pan works great but scratches easily. Never use metal utensils. This is an obvious claim, but when my husband fried pork and “gently”, he claims, used a fork to squeeze the meat, the coating suffered 3 scratches. He is used to our commercial grade SCANPANS which are non-stick but tolerant to metal utensils.

I can’t fault the Material casserole dish, but it’s a reminder that liners are just that and need some care to be maintained. Wood or silicone only!

If you’re trying to avoid nonstick surfaces, Material also sells classic stainless steel pots and pans with copper cores.

Currently, Material offers free shipping on purchases over $ 35 with a 60-day trial and a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for a freebie, the site has items listed by price. As the Christmas deadline has passed, digital gift cards are available and delivered instantly.


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