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A MOTHER claims she saved her ten-year-old daughter from choking on an object found inside the packet of a snack she was consuming.

Deera Sookdeo said the items she removed from her daughter’s throat were coated with the same coating as the chips inside the packet of Sunshine Snack Nacho corn chips.

Sookdeo of Claxton Bay told the Express she bought the snack on December 8 and her ten-year-old ate it in the back seat of the car.

“I was driving and she started making a choking noise and she started tapping me on the shoulder. I pulled away and she was pointing at her throat. When I pushed my hand down her throat, I pulled out a hard plastic object from inside his mouth that was from the packet of corn chips… The object was covered in the cheese you would get in a snack,” Sookdeo said.

The mother-of-two said her daughter’s throat was sore after the incident. “She is ten years old, it could have suffocated her,” Sookdeo told the Express.

She said the standard student is still traumatized by the incident and now empties the item from a packet before consuming it.

Sookdeo said following the incident, she contacted the company and an officer picked up the item and the bag. He gave her a bag of corn chips and a basket with other Sunshine Snacks products.

She said a company representative later called and apologized for the incident and said an investigation will need to be conducted and she will be contacted.

Sookdeo said she waited over a week without recourse, then contacted the agent who said he would speak to management. The company representative then called her back. She told him she was considering legal action. Sookdeo said she was told an investigation was ongoing and was offered a $500 voucher.

“I’m a person that I don’t want material things from people because that material thing couldn’t have saved my child’s life…I just want them to accept responsibility,” Sookdeo told the Express. saying she declined the offer. However, she later donated an amount she felt was proportionate to the seriousness of the situation.

She said she hasn’t purchased another Sunshine Snack product since Dec. 8. “As much as sometimes they go grocery shopping with me and they pick up a bag, I’d say he puts down… I boycott… If we run into the same problem again, what’s going to happen?” »

Sookdeo said mid-December was the last she heard from the company.

She has also contacted the Chemistry, Food and Drugs Division of the Ministry of Health and is to follow up with them on the situation.

The Express was called Associated Brands Industries Limited whose operations include Sunshine Snacks. An official said Sookdeo had been contacted. “We reached out as much as we could to contact her and she didn’t get back to us much.”

He said the company did not accept responsibility for the complaint. He added that an investigation is ongoing and that Sookdeo will be contacted depending on the outcome.


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