McDonald’s Japan’s launches Canadian Maple Custard Pie, Belgian Chocolat Pie, McNuggets Garlic Pepper


McDonald’s Japan has added new foods to its menu list, and they’re all delicious. From the Canadian Maple Custard Pie to the Belgian Chocolat Pie to the Spicy Chicken McNuggets Garlic Pepper, all of the new items are sure to be worth a try.

The new additions are part of McDonald’s Japan’s winter menu exclusives, and they’re only here for a limited time. During the winter months, one of the restaurant’s bestsellers always includes hot pies. While customers are already all too familiar with apple pie, a new bouquet of flavors has finally arrived, and they’re both sweet to boot.

The Belgian chocolate tart has already appeared in the winter of 2020, but since it is a seasonal food and has only been in stores for a short time, customers miss it after a long absence. Now they can crave them and easily get them at participating McDonald’s outlets in Japan.

According to SoraNews24, the new dessert pies were only distributed to McDonald’s restaurants nationwide last weekend. Along with the Canadian Maple Custard Pie and the Belgian Chocolat Pie, the store also launched the Spicy Chicken McNuggets Garlic Pepper, which is the first nugget variant to be launched by McDonald’s Japan in three and a half years.

The nuggets were made with seasoned batter and fried to crispy perfection. The coating also contains black pepper, hence its name. With its full-bodied seasoning, the nuggets are safe to eat even without the dip, though customers also receive garlic soy sauce mayonnaise with every order.

For the Canadian Maple Custard Pie, there is maple syrup alongside the generous custard filling. The sweetness of cream pie will burst in the mouth from the first bite to the last. As the name suggests, the Belgian chocolate tart contains pure Belgian chocolate, so there is no need for an explanation for this heavenly dessert that will appeal to chocolate lovers.

The pastries have crispy casings and that makes the dessert even more delicious. The casing also neutralizes the sweetness with its slightly salty taste.

Finally, all of these new winter food items at McDonald’s Japan will be in store until early February. The pies are ¥150 or about $1.32 while the spicy chicken nuggets are sold for ¥200 for a box of 6.


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