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Lusso Aqua Repel V2 Jacket


Our opinion

Lightweight jacket that punches above its weight, protecting you against wind and rain

Checks all the boxes for winter driving in mixed conditions

The inconvenients:
Collar a bit awkward, but tolerable

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The Lusso Aqua Repel V2 is the latest jacket from the British company and it’s an impressive piece of kit, ticking almost all the boxes for winter riding in mixed conditions.

With a name like that, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Lusso hailed from a cycling hotbed in northern Italy.

The brand is from the north, okay: north of Manchester, just outside the town of Radcliffe.

It’s an area of ​​the UK that’s not exactly known for its wall-to-wall sunshine, which explains the existence of the Aqua Repel V2, designed to be as close to a one-stop-shop for your winter needs.

Specifications and performance Lusso Aqua Repel V2

The best waterproof jackets will keep the rain out, but may not keep you warm, while a solid windproof jacket will likely do the opposite.

The cutting-edge all-around jackets, however, offer stoic resistance to wind and rain, and function as the only jacket you’ll need for much of your winter riding campaign. It’s a balance that Lusso strikes beautifully with the Aqua Repel V2.

The first thing I noticed about the Aqua Repel V2 is how light it is. With a claimed weight of 363g for a size medium, there’s nothing bulky about it and you might wonder how warm this jacket will be in cold weather.

Lusso uses a thin, light but warming fabric from Windtex, called Storm Shield, which is also very water repellent (10,000 mm). It easily fended off the brief heavy downpours we road tested it in, and with a rating like this, it’ll surely tolerate more.

The jacket has a high collar and a performance fit.
David Caudery / Immediate Media

The lack of volume is accentuated by the interior fabric, which is dimpled like a golf ball. This makes the jacket thinner as a result, but it’s a warming fleece material designed to wick sweat away from your skin or base layer to the outside.

The cut is efficient, with little bead of material. The high collar, when zipped all the way up, did get in the way slightly around my trachea, but that’s a minor issue and doesn’t get in the way of other jackets.

The tail of the jacket is particularly long for its type and improves water repellency, keeping floor splashes away from your back.

There are reflective details, around the back pockets, the tail and on the Lusso logo on the chest to improve visibility, added to the fact that the pale blue design catches the eye on the road.

Three back pockets sit alongside a fourth zip option – a welcome little addition you don’t always see on such jackets.

How we tested

A good winter cycling jacket is a valuable addition to any cyclist’s wardrobe.

Compared to a typical waterproof cycling jacket, winter jackets prioritize breathability and insulation over full rain protection.

This makes it a good choice for wet or cold riding conditions where wearing a fully waterproof jacket would be uncomfortable or unnecessary.

Most will feature some sort of windproof membrane and be treated with a durable water repellent coating to keep out downpours. Pay attention to fleece or fiber insulation if you are cold and want the most comfortable jacket possible.

Our testers tried out 12 of the best winter cycling jackets on the market, racking up plenty of grimy fall and winter miles in the Mendip Hills.

Lusso Aqua Repel V2 bottom line

Lusso Aqua Repel V2 road cycling jacket - rear view

The Aqua Repel’s tail is long, keeping ground spray away from your back.
David Caudery / Immediate Media

Overall, the Lusso Aqua Repel V2 is very good at protecting you from wind and rain, which should keep you on the road and enjoying your ride.

This is a lightweight, insulated jacket that performs like a heavyweight.


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