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Citrus fruits are bursting with freshness. Here are five refreshing ways to enjoy your favorite citrus fruits or discover new varieties this summer.

1. In salads. Add a few pieces of clementine to your favorite salad or try your luck with a new recipe with citrus fruits as the main ingredient. For a savory twist, add lemon juice or zest to a vinaigrette.

2. In a cake. Make a delicious upside-down cake that combines different varieties of oranges, or add citrus zest like lemon, lime or bergamot directly to the batter. You can also make an orange flavored topping or garnish your creation with a few slices of tangerine.

3. With fish. Garnish your plate with pieces of Ugli, drizzle your halibut with bergamot-infused oil or make a salmon confit with grapefruit, orange or lemon. You can also use orange slices to cover your fish before grilling it. Shellfish is also excellent with citrus fruits, especially red grapefruit and lime.

4. With meat. Many summer recipes combine citrus flavors with meat. For example, lemon roast chicken and orange flavored beef stew.

5. In drinks. Adorn your glasses with pretty slices of lime, Cara Cara, oranges or another citrus fruit. You can also create a delicious clementine smoothie or add the citrus juice of your choice to a cocktail.

Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Orange, lemon, clementine, grapefruit, pomelo, Ugli, lime, mandarin, kumquat, bergamot, the list goes on. Put citrus fruits on the menu this summer to stimulate your taste buds and fill up on vitamin C.


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