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Free lead poisoning test

FREE lead poisoning tests for kids and adults!

Call us at 816-513-6048 to make an appointment. Same day appointments may be available!

Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except public holidays)

Kansas City Department of Health
2400 Troost Avenue
Office 3400
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Without an appointment :
We cannot guarantee walk-in testing. Our nurses may be testing at a Head Start or local daycare. We recommend that you call first to ensure we have a nurse available.

How it works?
Getting tested for lead poisoning is quick, easy and free!

  • The nurse will use a lancet to prick a finger to collect a few drops of blood. It’s like a pinprick, it only hurts for a second!
  • The blood sample will be sent to the lab and we will contact you with the results.

Who should get tested?

Who? Why?
Young children 6 and under should get tested at least once a year. Young children are most at risk for lead poisoning:
• Young children put a lot of things in their mouths – their hands, toys, food that has fallen on the floor, etc.
• This means they could swallow lead dust from the floor, porch or windows.
• Some things are still made with lead. If they put these things in their mouth, they might swallow lead.
lead poisoning hurts children the most:
• Their brains and bodies are still developing
• This means their body can absorb more lead
• Lead is harmful to children’s brains and bodies

pregnant people Pregnant women exposed to lead can pass the leash to their baby during pregnancy. Lead can cause many problems:
• Increase the risk of miscarriage
• Delivering the baby too soon or
• Delivering the baby too small
• May injure baby’s brain, kidneys and nervous system
• Causes the baby to have learning or behavioral problems

Refugees and Immigrants • They may come from a country where there were many lead in the ground.
• The house or apartment they move into could be older and have lead paint
Products they use from other countries may contain lead:
*Spices *Traditional medicine
* Candy * Pots, pans and woks
*Cosmetics/Kohl  Kitchen and table utensils
*Jewelry  Pottery

What if the test reveals lead poisoning?

We can help! We have nurse case managers and risk assessors who work with families who have lead poisoned children. They help many families with:

  • Determine where the lead comes from
  • Learn how to clean lead dust
  • Learn ways to reduce lead exposures
  • Follow a healthy diet to fight against lead poisoning
  • Monitor blood lead levels to make sure they are improving

We also have Lead Safe KC, which repairs old houses to repair old lead paint! Scroll up to find out more!

Call us today to schedule a lead poisoning test!



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