JNS United Auto Body in California joins 1Collision


1Collision announced the addition of JNS United Auto Body Inc., located in Reseda, California. Founded in 2011, the company prides itself on being a customer-focused facility that repairs vehicles properly. The original 800 square foot store has expanded over the years and now occupies a 15,000 square foot building.

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“I decided to join 1Collision because I’m in the midst of a growth period in my business and needed a little extra support,” said Mark Dzhuryan, owner of JNS United Auto Body. “I believe in the staff 1Collision has built and in their mission to support independent stores like mine.”

“We are excited to add quality stores to the Los Angeles market,” said John Hollingsworth, 1Collision Director of Location Development. “We strive to partner with independent owners who don’t just grow. Mark prides himself on fixing cars to top quality and knows his next level is near now that he has partnered with 1Collision.

Dzhuryan worked in other body shops since 1994 before opening JNS United Auto Body. He said nothing can replace the tedious work it takes to make vehicles look newer and better than they were before they entered his workshop.

“We really take pride in making cars to their utmost perfection and that’s why our customers keep coming back,” Dzhuryan said.


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