Inflation drives up Halloween pumpkin prices


Halloween is known to be spooky and this year it could be downright spooky because of pumpkin prices. How to save on fall staples. 🎃

SAN ANTONIO – No treats, just tips when it comes to pumpkin prices this year.

Tall, round, tall or small, Murphy’s Pumpkin Patch in San Antonio has all shapes and sizes. There’s plenty to choose from, but whichever you choose will cost more, owner Patrick Murphy said.

“You have to pay farmers extra money because of their raises, fertilizers, this and that and diesel,” he said. “So, you know, you have to pass it on.”

The holiday tradition of picking out the perfect pumpkin might not make your wallet scream, at least not too loudly.

“It’s not that bad, maybe 10%,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s sells pumpkins between $3 and $10. No matter what size you choose, expect to pay about $1 more this year for a pumpkin.

Make your pumpkin last by finding a fresh pumpkin. Murphy said the key is the color of the upper.

“When they start to blanch, you know it’s old,” he said.

Instead, choose a pumpkin with a green stem.

Murphy’s has lots of entertainment and free fall games as well as pumpkins.

“It’s free entry,” he said. “Free parking. Free games for kids. The only thing that costs is if you want to buy a pumpkin.

It creates an experience that San Antonio families have enjoyed since the Pumpkin Farm opened in the 1970s.

“Generations after generations,” Murphy said. “Their children, then the grandchildren. It’s been going on for a long time. »

If you are not looking for the experience but only the best price, shop around.

“Look at your grocery store, look at your local farms, look at home improvement stores,” said Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at

Or save money in the long run by making a jack-o’-lantern that lasts by purchasing an artificial pumpkin.

“Then just pop a fake candle inside and you’re good to go,” Ramhold said. “The bonus with that is that you have a jack-o’-lantern for next year if you want to save it.”

An artificial pumpkin will cost you around $10, but will last more than one season.

Make your fresh pumpkin last longer by coating the carved areas with Vaseline and refrigerating it when not on display. Also, soak your pumpkin in cold water overnight occasionally to keep it hydrated.


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