Impossible Chicken Nuggets Review: Here’s Our Honest Opinion


Meatless burger pioneer Impossible Foods is now trying to recreate another plant-based version of an American fast food classic: the chicken nugget.

Impossible Chicken Nuggets made their debut in September, when they began appearing on the menus of a handful of restaurants owned by celebrity chefs (like David Chang’s Fuku fried chicken restaurant in New York City). Now, veggie nuggets are rolling out in more and more restaurants – Burger King is testing them in a few locations – and available in the freezer aisle in a growing number of grocery stores across the country, like ShopRite and Kroger, with more. future.

Being big fans of food innovation here at SELF, we decided to give them a try.

The first thing you need to know about your review is that I’m not exactly a chicken nugget. amateur. Quite the opposite, in fact, having been a vegetarian for a decade. Corn! Carolyn, younger and pre-vegetarian, would identify 100% as a nugget connoisseur. I grew up on a high nugget diet: lots of hot dinosaur-shaped nuggets from the microwave when I was a kid, a period of years when in restaurants I exclusively Ordered nuggets and chicken fingers (whether on the menu or not), and a not modest amount of Wendy’s in high school.

So my baseline here for the taste of a chicken nugget is just more … nostalgic. OK, I feel better taking this off my chest. Now about these nuggets.

How does impossible chicken nuggets taste

There are three ways to prepare nuggets: bake them for 11 minutes, in the hot air fryer for seven to eight minutes, or in the microwave for one to two and a half minutes. I air fry everything these days, so I tried this method first.

The first sign Impossible hit the nail of the nugget on the head was the smell: strange. Within minutes of popping them in the air fryer, the characteristic smell of chicken nuggets was in the air. Chicken, bread, fat and very reminiscent of dinner time as a kid.

How did they taste? Incredibly nugget.

The golden brown breadcrumbs are sandy, slightly crunchy, well seasoned and suitably crumbly, and the breading / topping ratio is perfect. (The coating was considerably more crisp in the deep fryer than in the oven, and almost not in the microwave, unsurprisingly.)

Breadcrumbs are, however, easy to obtain. What about the chicken filling? Home Run. Like, my first bite was so similar to what I remember the real thing tasted like that I was a little squeamish for a second, forgetting that I wasn’t chewing real animal meat. It is a real endorsement of their authenticity for you! (The sensation was short-lived, thankfully.)

The texture and the mouth feel are perfect: a bit juicy, a bit tender, a bit mellow. The taste is pleasant in a trivial way. It’s sweet, delicious, fatty, harmless, a little salty, with chicken but not with CHICKEN. (That’s the benefit of trying to mimic a processed meat product like chicken nuggets, as opposed to, say, chicken breasts – the real stuff is already far enough away from the bird in its natural state. Overall, these nuggets are hard to avoid. like, easy to pop, and begging to be soaked in ketchup or smeared with sriracha.

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