IGL Kenzo treatment infused with graphene on my Hyundai Creta



I was asked not to wash the vehicle for at least 7 days after coating.

BHPian Artyom recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So a plan to visit our parents in Punjab was drawn up on short notice (note 2 days notice) as the WFH finally drew to a close. This meant no more extended stays anywhere without taking time off and so we finally reached the Punjab. Another reason for the excitement was meeting our newest family member (Hyundai Venue) who came home last month.

I had told my father to do the coating and finally, after considering the only options available locally, it was decided to go for IGL (Kenzo) coatings. The Kenzo certified retailer was a half hour drive from our home so was finalized quickly. Arriving at the center, we were greeted by Mr. Sahil who explained to us the different offers ranging from 1 to 5 years and what products will be used during the process. We were clear that we would go for a 5 year siding as this was the thickest and was beneficial for my dad as he had to pay less attention to the maintenance of the vehicle.

As for the price, it was reasonable compared to Bangalore’s outrageous rate cards. This is where the thought crossed my mind “Why wouldn’t I do that too” and after further price negotiations it was decided that we would have both rides coated.

Why IGL Coatings Kenzo (Infused with Graphene)?

  • I have heard great reviews on their coatings and the thickness they offer.
  • The price offered was obvious for a 5 year coating.
  • The lack of PPF options and the availability of other branded coatings further aided the decision.
  • I wanted to have daddy’s vehicle dressed in my presence, so a professional draftsman was needed.

What was included in the package for both vehicles?

  • 5 year coating on exterior paint.
  • 1 year coating for alloys and rims.
  • 1 year coating for the front windshield.
  • 1 year of coating for the trim.
  • Interior cleaning.

PLEASE NOTE: I am nowhere associated with the brand and all opinions are my own. Members are free to disagree / correct me. However, I knew the distributor in India and have been in contact with him for a long time for certain products that I wanted to obtain. He played no role in influencing my decision or negotiating the price.

Guinea pig:

  • 2019 Hyundai Creta (White).
  • Hyundai Venue 2021 (White).


Process followed:

I have been very clear that I will be present throughout the process until the end. They had no problem with it.

Day 1 :

  • The emblems as well as the nooks and crannies on the outside were first cleaned with a brush to remove water spots.
  • The vehicle was then washed through and through.
  • The clay was made on the outside using a clay towel.
  • Vehicle masking was performed prior to polishing and compounding.
  • There are 3 polishes that were used in a sequence (F1, F2, F3) to prepare the surface. On the first day, the F1 and F2 were used. It was almost evening so I had to leave. The detailer assured me to send a video and photo of everything that will be done once I leave so I’m up to date.
  • All the wheels were removed and then cleaned, followed by the alloy coating.

Day 2:

  • The last step in the preparation of the paint was the use of an F3 polish, after which the exterior paint was ready.
  • Then they moved on to the interior cleaning which included (Vacuuming and cleaning all plastics using IGL products).
  • Then they came back to check if the exterior was ready (no marks or water spots). All the gaps on the bumper and on the dicky have been detailed.
  • The trim was the last to gain attention, which included brushing and cleaning using IGL products to prepare them for coating.
  • By this time, it was evening and the vehicle was ready for paving. This is what took a considerable amount of time. This coating had 2 bottles (base coat and top coat). 2 coats of base product followed by 2 coats of finishing product had to be applied.

The sequence followed was as follows:

  • The IGL precoat was first used all over the exterior and cleaned off (this does the same job as the IPA solution).
  • 1 base coat was first applied by Mr. Sahil himself to the painted surface, followed by polishing after 30 seconds.
  • After polishing was completed, each panel was then cured using IR lamps for 5 minutes.
  • The 2nd base coat was then applied, followed by polishing and then curing by IR lamps for 5 minutes for each panel.
  • 1 top coat was then applied, followed by polishing and then re-curing using IR lamps for 5 minutes / panel.
  • Finally, the last coat or Top Coat was applied and this concluded the coating for the exterior paint.

I stayed there until the stage where the first coat of topcoat cured using the IR lamps. By this time one of the guys had already cleaned the windshield and applied the glass coating. The only part that was left was the topcoat they did after I left.

Day 3:

  • The vehicle was kept in the workshop for the coating to harden and I was asked to come in the morning to collect the vehicle.
  • I hit 12 and at that point a final coat of IGL Premier was applied and polished as a final step.
  • Mr. Sahil asked me to inspect the vehicle and let him know if I find anything wrong.

Goodies / additional:

  • Guarantee card.
  • Bill.
  • Key ring.
  • Polishing cloth.

Maintenance rituals:

  • I was asked not to wash the vehicle for at least 7 days after coating.
  • Regular maintenance could be done with NON IGL products and I have also confirmed this with the distributor. Only special care should be taken when using a car shampoo and it should be pH neutral (any brand will do).

Additional observations:

  • The whole team was courteous and professional in their work.
  • The coating box containing the bottles was opened in my presence.
  • The owner, Mr. Sahil, was a thorough professional and kept asking me what I thought of the progress and if there was anything missing.
  • New polishing towels were used almost every time the coating needed to be polished.
  • Attention to detail has been given the utmost importance.
  • They also have a washing center in the same complex and the whole time I was there the vehicles were lined up for washing and mopping which meant they were good at their jobs or they were very cheap (I support the first hypothesis).
  • You could say it was an impulsive decision to get the siding due to the price of the case, but I’m glad I did, especially since the whole process was done with diligence. reasonable.
  • I had the coating done in 2019 when I bought the vehicle and in my opinion this coating lasted maybe a year and I expect this one to last longer as they guarantee the same provided that certain maintenance rules are observed. I am convinced that I will follow them and see how this bet plays out.

Protection and shine:

The coating promises 5 years of protection with proper maintenance and only time will tell if the claim is true.

The gloss has obviously suffered a big dent with the removal of the swirls and the vehicle has a new look.

Location of the aesthetic center:

Diamond Car Spa, Khothran Road, Friends Colony, Phagwara, Punjab 144401

Read on for the IGL Kenzo treatment on Artyom’s Hyundai Creta for reviews, ideas and more from BHPian.



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