I tried the new Panda Express Orange Chicken Sandwich


I wanted to save the orange chicken sandwich for last, so I started with some of Innovation Kitchen’s new main courses.

I also tried the new vegan fried rice, eggplant tofu, and crispy almond chicken.

Anneta Konstantinides / Insider

The vegan fried rice was quite forgettable and in my opinion needed a lot more veg to amplify the flavor profile. But I thought the eggplant tofu was very well done. The two main ingredients were good in sauce and paired very well.

But the star of this plate was easily the crispy almond chicken. I’m actually a little allergic to almonds – not in a potentially life-threatening way, necessary for the EpiPen, but sometimes my throat itches and my tongue tastes like metal – but couldn’t resist trying at least one piece of chicken, which looked absolutely delicious.

The dish includes crispy chicken (which has the same puffed rice coating as the sandwich) topped with almonds, green onions, and garlic soy sauce. And, honestly, it’s addicting. The chicken is perfectly crisp, with a satisfying texture that rivals the original orange chicken. And the sauce strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory. It was so good, I had to have another one.

Within hours my throat started to itch and I had to sauté a Benadryl so I will probably never risk eating the crispy almond chicken again. But I’m so glad I got these two pieces because they were fantastic.

But, if you have a severe nut allergy, don’t try this at home. I am not to imitate!


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