“I tried the new Aussie fish and chips at Boxpark Croydon and it’s so delicious it’s worth the high price” – Jessica Battison


Fish and Chips – a British staple. And we all know how much we love him.

But would you consider trying the dish with an Australian twist?

A new shopkeeper at Boxpark Croydon has taken inspiration from the Australian seaside to fuse British chippy classics with down under styles.

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For Cod’s Hake emphasizes really fresh, high quality fish to serve light dishes and also some East Asian flavors.

Not only a chippy lover myself, but also another youngster spending time studying in Australia, I just had to give it a try.

I mean it’s not exactly somewhere, you would automatically link to Croydon, wouldn’t you?

fish and chips

Cod Fish & Chips by For Cod’s Hake

I admit that I was a little skeptical about the high price of a portion of fish and chips. But they threw it back in my face.

Incredibly fresh, it’s a real piece of flaky fish with an almost sweet paste. The batter could be crispier, but with this lighter style it’s more of a cool crisp than a heavy crisp.

And those tokens. wow. So, so crispy on the outside but each thick still amazingly chewy on the inside. Really, these are the best chips I’ve had in ages – I need know their secret.

I’ve seen take-out fish and chips in London for that price (and more), but I think For Cod’s Hake actually deserves to charge that much.

Price: £12.50

Lobster roll

Lobster Roll by For Cod’s Hake

It was recommended to me as an absolute “must” and it is also the most expensive offering on the menu. A real little luxury in the Croydon hotspot of Boxpark.

There’s plenty of that smooth, silky sauce that lends a citrusy kick to chunky lobster pieces. Personally I would prefer there was a little less sauce to offset the little fish, but this is a really good street lunch.

Even the bun is divine – fluffy and soft and also slightly sweet.

They clearly pay attention to every little detail to create these delicious fresh and light dishes.

Price: £16.50

‘KFC’ – Calamari

Korean Fried Calamari ‘KFC’ by For Cod’s Hake

For my last choice, the staff told me to enter some of it as something “really very different” – and I can confirm that yes, they definitely are.

I usually find calamari to be all squeaky and rubbery, but For Cod’s Hake has mastered it. Instead, it’s the right kind of fluffy and thick enough to give you a firm bite.

A very spicy coating gives the perfect East Asian touch to this light seaside menu.

Another deliciously heavy serving, you can satisfyingly split them between two.

Price: £6

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I really, really enjoyed this place. It may seem pricey at first, but it’s super fresh and really, you have to see it as a quality restaurant despite Boxpark’s more low-key environment.

Sure, it might cost a few pounds less, but trust me; it’s so good and so filling (I had to call for assistance to finish it).

Yum and that calamari packed the perfect punch to end my light fish lunch. If there’s one thing I had to pass on it would probably be the Lobster Roll – it would be much better suited to a hot sunny day.

More tokens please. Now.

For cod hake, get off here!

You can find For Cod’s Hake at Boxpark Croydon, 99 George St, Croydon CR0 1LD

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