How to Remove and Replace a Lawn Mower Blade


The best cut comes from a sharp lawnmower blade, so sharpening it several times a season is essential. And it is worth learning how to remove the blade from the lawn mower yourself.

You’ll have to, of course, if you want to sharpen the blade yourself. But even if you hire a professional, which we recommend, you’ll save money by removing the mower blade from the deck and taking it to the shop rather than delivering the mower with the blade to the shop. inside.

For example, Cary Mower & Saw in Cary, NC told us they charge $8 to sharpen a blade removed from the cutting deck and $30 for a blade that is still inside the cutting deck. chopped off.

What’s so crucial about sharpening your lawnmower blade? For one, a dull blade damages your lawn by creating an uneven cut. This can lead to bare patches and other horrors as well as disease. A dull blade also strains the lawnmower’s engine, making it work harder. This means your mower will use more battery or gas per cut.

Although we recommend a few sharpenings per season, your lawn mower blade may need more if you have rocky ground conditions or very tough turf. If in doubt, inspect the lawn after mowing. If the blades of grass have a lot of split ends instead of cutting cleanly, you probably have a dull blade. Brown-tipped blades of grass are another freebie.


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