How to escape the unnecessary excess of CVS receipts


Nothing is more overwhelming than a never-ending trail of recipes after a shopping spree. Except when you have an ExtraCare CVS card, this experience is almost twice as painful.

Want to buy a bag of Haribo candy to sneak into the movies? Here’s a three-foot-long piece of paper to put in your pockets as well. Need to take COVID tests at home for the family? Take advantage of this bundle of mouthwash and hand lotion coupons for free.

Now, there are obvious benefits to having an ExtraCare membership, but saving trees or time is not one of them. Unless, of course, you find a way to get rid of those unnecessarily long receipts.

Strategy # 1: Ask the cashier nicely

In 2016, CVS finally gave its 70 million ExtraCare members the ability to do without paper. To do this, customers would need to collect their rewards card at the cashier and give the cashier a valid email address. From there, customers would receive all coupons in their inbox, resulting in shorter receipts at checkout. Members could redeem the coupons or ExtraBucks by sending them to their cards via a button in the message, pulling them up on a smart device, or, less intuitively, printing them out at home or at store kiosks.

This method of withdrawal still exists, but the increase in the number of self-service checkouts makes it less accessible these days. That said, if you find yourself in a CVS with a few minutes to spare, go ahead and have the cashier move on to digital receipts and coupons. This will prevent you from procrastinating and putting more waste in your drawers.

Strategy n ° 2: Download the CVS application

As with most simplified solutions these days, this one involves a smartphone. After downloading the CVS application (free for Android and iOS), synchronize it with your ExtraCare subscription by choosing Link to the map. You can either add a photo of your card, enter the 13-digit reward number, or search for the account with your name, phone number, email address, and zip code.

Once you are in it, go to Account at the bottom of the app’s home screen and tap Digital receipt preferences. From here you can activate Digital receipts and have them sent directly to your email. Note that this not only prevents the printing of your coupons at the checkout, but also the invoice for your purchases.

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The other positive side of the app is that you can easily check out all the available offers and ExtraBucks before you shop. Just select Offers and rewards on the home screen and press Send to card for all the savings you want. They will be automatically applied to your purchase.

It might sound like a disaster, but you might be at the point where you’re so fed up with CVS receipts that you can’t even stand the digital versions. If the 2% rewards program just isn’t worth it, talk to a cashier or call 1-833-320-CARE during business hours. There is no cancellation option on the app or on the company’s website.

What to do with your old CVS receipts

As always, Redditors have found some ingenious ways to repurpose their coupons as wrapping paper, for example. Otherwise, you can always plan ahead for next year’s Halloween costume.


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