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Battlefield has always been known for its satisfying Sniping, and it returns in Battlefield 2042 thanks to large-scale maps. Players will start with the SWS-10 Sniper Rifle, so here is the loadout, specialist, and gadget to use to create the best SWS-10 loadout in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 has massive maps, where tornadoes and failed rocket launches can completely change the course of the game. Of course, huge maps mean there are plenty of opportunities for the old-fashioned Battlefield sniper.

The SWS-10 is the first sniper rifle you’ll get your hands on, and it’s an extremely solid choice. We’ve got everything you need to create the best sniper gear including attachments, specialist, and gadget.

Best Battlefield 2042 SWS-10 Loading Accessories

  • Barrel: 6KU suppressor
  • Seen: M11 6x / Corbel 4x
  • Ammunition: Standard issue
  • Sub-barrel: Cobra handle

This bolt-on sniper rifle loadout is designed to dominate the long-range engagements of Battlefield 2042’s orbit. Of course, with the Plus System you can switch weapons if needed, but that’s the best base.

We start with the 6KU suppressor Barrel fixing. This will keep your shots silent and hide you from the minimap, which is extremely useful when choosing multiple targets. The only negative is slightly lower damage, but it will still be a single headshot.

Then it’s a draw between the M11 6x and the 4x raven. They are equally powerful in different situations, so you should use the Plus system to change the attachments according to your needs.

For ammunition, we found the Standard issue be the best option. While the Close Combat magazine gives you more shots and a faster rate of fire, it reduces the firepower and accuracy of the SWS-10. If you find yourself caught up in a close range battle, simply attach the Close Combat magazine.

And finally, the Cobra handle is a solid choice for Underbarrel. It reduces the sway of the weapon while still being static, so long-range shots are a bit easier to land.

Best Specialist to use with the SWS-10 in Battlefield 2042

Casper in the Battlefield 2042

If long-range sniping is your choice, Casper is the perfect specialist to run with the best Battlefield 2042 SWS-10 loadout. He is Battlefield 2042’s premier Reconnaissance Specialist and his abilities complement the playstyle.

While his OV-P reconnaissance drone is useful for spotting enemies, his motion sensor trait is even better. It’ll know when enemies are nearby, which is great for sneaking up on points and countering anyone trying to get behind you.

Best gadget to use with the SWS-10 in Battlefield 2042

We recommend using the Ammo Crate gadget in Battlefield 2042 SWS-10 Best Loadout, as you might run out of ammo after choosing multiple targets. Being able to replenish your ammo will save you from having to engage in close combat, which is where the SWS-10 begins to struggle.

Ammo crate in Battlefield 2042

How to unlock the SWS-10 in Battlefield 2042

There is no requirement to unlock the SWS-10 in Battlefield 2042, as it is available from the get-go.

That said, you will have to kill with it to unlock all the attachments.

These are the ideal attachments, specialist, and gadget to craft the best SWS-10 loadout in Battlefield 2042.

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