Halo Infinite Item Shop prices have been significantly reduced


The latest Halo Infinite update dramatically reduces the prices of bundles in the Item Shop, fulfilling a major wish of the majority of players.

Halo Infinity Shop price reduction

One of the biggest criticisms from gamers of Infinite Halo has been the high price of cosmetics in the in-game item shop. After hearing the outcry from fans, in the last Infinite Halo update, the prices of the shop bundles have all been significantly reduced, and in some places, up to half of their original price.

Suspected players Infinite HaloThe store was going to be problematic when the price of a purple armor liner leaked a few weeks before the game launched. Sure enough, once players got the game in their hands, they were faced with costly paywalls s wanted exclusive offers from the store. This problem, of course, was exasperated by the initial lack of free armor customization options in the game, although this has since been remedied somewhat through campaign collectibles and changes to the Battle Pass. . The most blatant monetization in Infinite Halo, however, charged $8 for a blue armor liner, something players already had on their other armor cores.


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Starting today, 343 Industries has reduced prices by Infinite Halo‘s cosmetics. Looking at the items currently available, the most expensive option is the 1,200 Cr (or $12) Neon Superfly Bundle, which includes 10 cosmetics, including two armor skins, a legendary visor, two weapon skins , five vehicle skins and a rare position. The Neon Beat Bundle features a new Mythic Effects Set, Visor, and Emblem Set, with the most recent comparison being the flowery (and limited) Enlightened Path Bundle, which went for $20 in the second week of Fracture: Tenrai. Enlightened Path’s pricing was particularly bad because $20 was usually the price for a new set of armor.

halo infinite price reductions

The other two bundles on sale here are the Zodiac River Vehicle Coating Bundle and the Keep It Clean Emblem Set, both of which are only $5. There have been $5 bundles before, but these have been some of the slimmest bundles available, with an equivalent Zodiac River bundle likely costing $7-8. In Infinite Halo, 343 Industries showed Spartans that cost over $60 to assemble, the price of a new copy of Infinite Halo. For that price, players could buy everything twice from this week’s store if they could, which goes to show just how dramatic the jump from $60 to $30 is.

Like the first repricing attempt Infinite Halo, 343 Industries has done a solid job balancing price and value. The Neon Superfly package probably would have been $30 or something extreme like that under the old system, so for it to be reduced to just $12 is amazing. Eventually, players will also be able to purchase cosmetics individually, giving players more control over how much they want to spend on the game. One has to wonder how much it will cost to purchase all Season 1 items now.

Infinite Halo is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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