Halo Infinite: How to Unlock the Cat Ears Helmet



Cat ears have been added to Halo Infinite with the Cat Lovers Pack, and players can receive the Purrfect Audio accessory with it for a limited time.

The new Purrfect Audio attachment in Infinite halo can be obtained as part of the Cat Lovers set. The items in this set are for cosmetic purposes so players can customize their character in Infinite halo multiplayer. In addition to cosmetics in the Battle Pass, purchasable packs are available every week. Available cosmetics are updated every Tuesday, so it’s unclear how long the Cat Lover set will be available, but it might disappear when the page refreshes again.

Most unlockable cosmetics are included with Infinite haloBattle Pass’s, which can be purchased for 1,000 credits or 2,800 credits for the bundle. The pack allows players to get the Battle Pass as well as enough experience tokens for the first 25 levels. As players progress through playing and winning matches online, they will unlock a variety of new cosmetics to use. However, some unlockable cosmetics are purchased separately, such as the new Cat Lovers Pack.


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To purchase an armor set, players will need to head to the Multiplayer Shop and see which sets are available. Since the page refreshes on Tuesday, the Cat Lovers Pack may only be available for a short time in Infinite halothe multiplayer store of. To purchase the new chat-based items, 1,000 credits are required. Players can spend $ 9.99, or $ 8.99 with GamePass, to acquire 1,000 credits and purchase the Cat Lovers set.

Using the Purrfect Headphone Accessory in Halo Infinite

The best part of the set is the Purrfect Audio Headphone Mount, which adds cat ears to the Mark VII armor core. In addition to the Purrfect Audio attachment, players will receive three additional cosmetics in the Cat Lovers pack as a Infinite halo. The first is the Faded Blush Armor Coating which changes the color of the Mark VII armor core. Faded Blush is a pink and gray coating that looks great with the Purrfect Audio accessory. Additionally, players will receive two weapon charms in the Cat Lovers bundle.

The two new charms of Infinite haloThe lot of cat lovers are Tabby and Kat. Tabby is a triangular charm with an orange tabby cat on it, and Kat is a charm from Kat’s helmet from the previous one. Halo securities. Players can use these two charms, along with the Purrfect Audio attachment and the Infinite halo Faded Blush Armor Coating, to enjoy the full Cat Lovers pack experience.

After purchasing the Cat Lovers pack for 1000 credits in Infinite halo, players can access the “Customize” tab to change their appearance and use their new cosmetics. Cat Ears will be affected by the armor coating used by players, but they can only be equipped with the Mark VII armor core. Players looking to express their love for cats can purchase this new pack and add the Purrfect Audio Cat Ear Clip to their headsets in Infinite halo.

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Infinite halo is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

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