Halo Infinite Fan Hints at Incredible Revamp for Armor Customization



After fan complaints about the current state of Halo Infinite’s armor customization options, one player presents an impressive compromise.


The current armor customization system in Infinite halo has quickly become a major issue for some fans looking to earn new armor sets and paint jobs through consistent gameplay. While there are limited free armor options in Infinite halo what seems to annoy players the most is the lack of an armor coat system.

A fan faked a proposal on how to include armor skin unlocks in Infinite halo in a way that creates a compromise between what 343 Industries has currently included and what fans are asking for. This proposal does not specifically remove microtransactions entirely, but rather gives players the ability to unlock a level of customization that previously existed in older games in the series.


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The idea presented by the fan, who posted on Reddit under the username BakaStep, is to offer a customizable pattern that players can use to design their own armor coverings with different colors in specific areas. For the sake of compromise, this proposal still locks some aspects of customization behind the paywall where many current armor coatings are located. The two specific armor coatings would either be paid for directly or earned in Infinite haloBattle Pass, as well as special color palettes, armor textures, and unique patterns.

To some extent, this negative reflex to the current system seen for Infinite haloThis mainly comes from the aggressiveness of the in-game store, with some paid and free armor skins having very similar visuals. This is also the result of previous titles like Halo 5: Guardians having less DLC armor, while the latter game seems to have put a lot more customization behind different paywalls. So, with a compromise that still gives 343 Industries a source of customization revenue with better control over armor colors, BakaStep expresses hope that this can make everyone happy.

The introduction of microtransactions in most games is often accompanied by a level of reluctance on the part of the player, as in the previous one. Halo developer added Eververse to destiny series. However, this type of customization offered by BakaStep has also been successful in similar games with inline components like Warframe, with availability of more refined color options and features for a premium price. For now, it is still up to 343 Industries to decide whether to maintain the current success of Infinite halo, or double the strong openness of the game with a compromise that could meet the players halfway and build some good faith with the fans.

Infinite halo Multiplayer is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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